Alpha Luna

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Legen has it that 16 years ago on this day the moon goddess had a vision of troublesome times in the near future. Being the good goddess that she is, she mated with the sun god to create a weapon so powerful to help protect all werewolves and prevent this disaster. Not being able to care for the young pup she taught it the skills to appear as a weak feeble pup and placed it in a pack to hide and train until the pup was needed. Luna, the mysterious pup, was raised in the Blood Moon Pack with Alpha Luke. Alpha Luke cared for Luna as if she was his own. Luke had the blessing of a beautiful mate and a son, Jack, who was Luna's age. One day rouges attacked killing Alpha Luke and his wife. Luna tried to protect the pack at her young age of ten, but failed miserably. Ashamed Luna ran and became a rouge herself. She trained with her father during the day and at night trained with her mother. Each week, Luna became stronger and stronger. One day Luna must face her destiny, but will she be ready?