"You Belong To Me, I Belong To You.."

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Two Songs Go With This Chapter. The First "September" By Earth Wind and Fire Because It Is Still September.. Lol & The Second Is "End Of The Road" By Boys II Men. Both Really Great Songs!! So Check Them Outt!! :D  ♥


"Can you love me again like you loved me before? This time I want you to love me much more." -Boys II Men.

“You know let’s not worry about that!” I started off. “Tonight was supposed to be about having fun and hanging out.” I concluded. They all agreed shaking their heads simultaneously, as I looked for one person to the other.  “Soooo…” I drew out. “Are you guys single?” I directed all my attention to the three guys. I must say they really weren’t that bad looking.

“Yeah I Am.”, said Jacob. He looked over Uria, Jasmine and Asia and gave off a wink.

Rayon looked seductively at Uria and commented:  “Me too.”

She adjusted her view on him, looking a bit sideways and smiled at Rayon who began to smiling back.

“And you?” I asked Craig.

“Yeah, I am.” He replied. He didn’t want to really reveal that; almost like he was fine with no one knowing. “But…” he cut in abruptly. “I’m not really on the market.”

“Oh okay.” I said.

Craig was defiantly one of the quiet shy guys, while the rest of them and including Trey was pretty outgoing and I know for a fact Jacob talks to much.

“Hey, I’m Jasmine.” She walked a mid-way to Jacob extending her hand.

Her took her hand and planted a kiss on it and a smile spread on her face. “Nice to meet you.” he said and took her hand and wrapped it around his neck to bring her into a hug.

While all this giggle stuff was going on with Jasmine and Jacob Asia brought up a conversation.

“So why don’t you tell us, what happened?” She questioned.  “I mean while these two flirt their asses off.”

My face lights up to her slight jealousy. Asia loved those light skinned guys with a great grade of hair and since Jacob was that exactly what she loves, it had to tick her off that he wasn’t flirting with her.

“No, um why don’t we…” I trailed off, considering the possible things I do to get out this situation. “Go dance?” I suggested.

“Why do are you avoiding the question Abby?” She interrogated. “We’re all grown here, so you care to elaborate why you and Trey aren’t together…” She seemed to get her frustration of Jacob and Jasmine directed towards me.

“Uhm there is really no reason.” I shrugged off. And by this time everyone’s attention was front and center on Trey and I, but mostly me.

I looked off to Trey who eye brow was cocked. He shrugged at me and shook his head.

I couldn’t believe he left this up to me to tell. It was his fault they became curious because of his big mouth friend.

“Look it just didn’t work out. It wasn’t the right time and we just not for each other.” I looked back at Trey who became a great distance away. “It was pretty much a mistake.” My eyes flickered to hold back the tears.

I looked back at the others who faces dropped while I gave my brief explanation and focused on what was being said. “Enough of this…” I sniffled and wiped at my eyes. “Let’s Party!”