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The Elf and The Fairy


The Elf and The Fairy - A Short Story

Olivia Jones

Freddy trekked through the deep forest, batting away mosquitos furiously. He hated mosquitoes more than anything else in the world. And fairies.

Ooh, those pesky forest flies that dared to call themselves fairies made Freddy furious. They flitted around, acting like they were all that, like they were what dreams were made of. Freddy pushed even harder through the rugged underbrush, tearing through vines and jumping over fallen tree trunks, scowling. He was here on a mission.

To find the fairies.

Freddy could feel the fairies as he got closer and closer to his targets. Their unwanted presence filled Freddy's mind, invaded Freddy's ears. They never left Freddy alone. All elves were this way. The fairies' very being insulted Freddy. Why did God create elfs and fairies to be this way? Freddy was not sure.

And the humans!

They made fairies gorgeous, while they left elfs as chubby and short with bells on their feet working for Santa Claus. Freddy thought this was unfair. The humans were so stereotypical.

Really, elves were as tall as the humans, with strong wiry bodies and amazing athletic skills. They all had snow white hair with a tan complexion and green eyes. They usually had to dye their hair to blend in with the humans.

Freddy thought himself to be one of the handsomest of his race, but he was not prideful about it. It was not fun to have ugly, desperate elves chase him around wanting him to be their mate. In fact, he sometimes hated his beauty. What made him so handsome, he believed, was that he had died his hair dark blue, and it went perfectly with his tan complexion and green eyes. Yes, blue. It was leaning more towards the black side, though, so people didn't think it was all that unusual. Beauty, to Freddy, was a curse. However, for some reason, he couldn't let go of his hair color. His hair color was now a part of him.

He was closer than ever to his target, and Freddy started to feel a strange anxiety well up inside of him. What do fairies look like, really? He had never seen one before... he had only heard about them from the elf teachers. According to the elf teachers, fairies were evil creatures with deadly charms.

One day in rituan, or elf class, Freddy asked his old and wise teacher if he could see a fairy. The teacher, sputtering and gasping from such a question, sat down to think about Freddy's request. Then, he stood up and addressed the class.

"Elves, what Freddy asked was not unreasonable. In fact, it is quite logical. If we can see what a fairy looks like, couldn't we hunt them better? The answer to this... is no. Fairies are enchanters. They bewitch you, spinning their web around you, melting you until you're putty in their hands. After that, you can't fight. You can't resist them. You become like the humans, admiring the fairies, wishing you were one of them. We are one of the few species that know better! We must not abuse our God-given knowledge of the fairies' true nature. We must use it to fight. And seeing the fairies... well, that's like handing yourself over to them,"

Freddy, remembering that moment, felt a chill creep up his back. It scared him to death when his teacher said those words. From then on, the teacher's speech was forged into his memory. He could not forget.

Freddy came face to face with a huge bush. Gigantic and intimidating, it loomed before him, casting a shadow, terrorizing him. Immediately, Freddy knew this was the entrance to the Fairy castle. How was he supposed to get through? How did the FAIRIES get through? If the bush was a brick wall it wouldn't be any harder. Freddy struck at the bush, only to pull back his hand, blood running down it. He grabbed his hand, quickly taking off his shirt for a bandage.

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