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Don't Judge a Book by...the Nerd! Letters to Letters


Hey, you! YEAH, you! Read me! It's worth a try!!! :-]

And I really don't know how to start it or anything I wanted to get back on my riting self again and here was my idea that popped up!!!

Looking at the flame of the fire in that small place...Is your Brain...SIKE!!!! XP

~Let's begin the story~

Looking at Dexter Mathew, the eye candy of the school. He's like a hot chocolate with whip cream topping. I'm not a fan or nothing to him but, I respect him because, he got the looks and the brains. I snapped my head to the teacher when, I barely heard my name being called by Mrs. Chamber who was glaring at me and repeated herself once again.

"Gwen, Can you answer this math problem on the board?"

I softly sighed and got up to the board and quickly draw down the answer and went back to my sit. Looking at the ground as I go...I hate being stared at and especially when, I'm spacing out. But, it's not really a hard class for me then, again for everyone else it's not that easy. Anyway, I made it to my desk and by the looks of it no one even cared. Just text or passing notes or even sleeping in class. I sighed again and leaned back in my seat looking outside the window. Letting my mind drift away again...Watching the leaves fall one at a time off the tree to the ground and floating in the wind. If you don't catch it yet...It's fall season. Which means the began of the sports at Foxwood High School. Yay...I hope you note that happiness in my tone. So, not!

I'm not your average girl...I'm a quiet and people love to call me nerd girl then, most importantly I'm mostly a secertly person or clever is the term. Of course, not like other nerds I try to get out there and do something I'm good at which happens to be sports. I mostly play soccer, basketball, softball, and I even tennis and swim. I play for my school and I'm pretty good at it too. I was to busy  again spacing out to even notice the bell rang. I quickly grabbed my messenger bag, gym bag and left the classroom all together. I only had guitar class then, it's off to soccer practice.

When, I got there and sat in my seat kicking my bags to the back of the classroom. I started playing a bit. There's hardly anyone in this class its just me, Clarie, Amy, Jeremy and Derek. Out of this class me and Amy is the best at playing. I was just strumming the guitar even when, I play around I'm still sound good like a performer. After, just messing around with the guitar I walked over and sat next to my friend Amy.

She smiled brightly at me and asked, "So, Soccer practice after school, Gwen?"

I nodded my head at her and said softly "Yeah, you coming today?"

"Yeah, of course. I can't wait to see you in the game...You make the name for underdog, Gwen!"

Before, I can even speak out of no where Claire says in her high pitch voice

"More like a Dog."

She giggle and glared at me. I can feel her glaring holes in my back. So, I turned around, chuckled softly to myself and said something that got people to stare at me and even gasp

"Jeez, how cold talking so low about yourself, Claire."

Her eyes went wide when, I said that and I thought in my head "Crap, this is just adding fuel in the flames". She snapped at me and glared harder at me

"Shut your mouth nerd girl and I was talking about you."

I wanted to say to her " Shut your mouth you brainless spoiled brat!" Without, noticing I said that out loud. She was grinding her teeth together and just turned her head while, mumbling "Bitch, I'll get you back just wait and see!" I looked around to see the guys laughing at this like it's some kind of show-down I just ignored that, she not even worth my time. I turned back in my sit facing Amy once again, giving her my famous shy smile and said

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Don't Judge a Book by...the Nerd!   Letters to Letters


Jared Padalecki as Johnny
Jonathan Bennettas Derek
Alex Pettyferas Erin
Sidney Crosby as Dexter
Cassie Scerboas Claire
Ayla Kellas Becky
Zoe Saldanaas Asia
Maiara Walshas Gwen
Zeb Ringleas Arnold
Fred Laatschas Jeremy
Earl Benjamin as Abraham

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