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The Dirty Princess *A Harry Styles FanFic*


Chapter Two


I gulp and look at Paul. "Who" I ask.

"Your friend Eleanor" He says. "Do you know how upset your mother would be" he frowns.

"Don't tell her"I beg "Eleanor is like a sister to me"

"I won't but she hasn't tried to take you" He ask.

I shake my head. "No" I lie. "Never didn't even know she went" I sighed.

He nods and pays my leg. "Well lets dance"

...Eleanor's P. O. V...

"So I was wondering"Louis says taking my hand in his as we walk around the palace. "If you would like to see a movie with me tonight" He ask his blue eyes look at me hopefully.

"I would Love to" I say making a sharp right turn and bumping in to William.

"Watch it" He growls but then looks down seeing me. "Oh sorry El" He says quickly.

"No problem"I say as Louis helps me up I rub my head.

"What are you doing" He ask putting his phone away. "Tonight"


"Nothing great you can help me with a couple things for the meet tomorrow" He says cutting me off.


"Eleanor are you saying no" He ask.

"Yes we have plans" Louis steps in.

"Well no you don't" William says glaring at Louis. "I hope to see you in my chamber by eight Ms. Calder or else"

"Or else what" I ask.

A evil glint in his eyes appear and a smirk plays on his lips. "I don't think we want the queen knowing you like to hang out at the clubs" He says. "And I hope you aren't trying to take my fiancé with you. Though I highly doubt she would go with out my permission" He adds before walking down the steps.

I bite my lip and look at Louis. "Sorry Louis, can we do it another time?" I ask him.

"Sure how about tomorrow" He says.

"I would love that" I say. "Sorry about William"

"You shouldn't let him talk to you like that" He says as we reach my chamber.

I shrug "I can't let the queen know" I sigh. "Or else I can't be friends with Ana"

He nods. "I'll see you later" I kiss him on the cheek. "Benny can you start the bath for me" I ask the maid she nods and runs to my room. "Bye Lou"


"Nice to see you came" William sneers as I walk in the room.

"Of course I would" I roll my eyes and sit on a chair. He runs a hand trough his black hair. "What do you need that a maid couldn't do"

He grins taking a blazer and licks his lips. "I'm going out and I need you to stay in my room under the sheets an be me"

"Where are you going" I ask.

"None of your business" He says before opening the window and crawling out. I roll my eyes and walk around the room.

"Master William" Lucy's voice, his maid's voice comes trough the door. I dart for the bed and hide under the covers. She knocks and opens the door. After a while she walks out seeing I'm not moving. I sigh and relief and roll over my hand hits something under the pillow. A book. A diary.


"Did you read it!" Louis ask the next morning as he sits on my bed. I bite my bottom lip and nod my head up and down a couple times quickly. He chuckles.

"It was the best book I ever1 read" I say getting up from the bed and walking to my closet covering my body with my robe. "I probably shouldn't have read it"

"You were locked in the room for five hours what else where you going to do?" He ask.

I shrug walking back out with a red dress on I look in the mirror. "I hate this" I say as Hélène walks in, my maid.

"You look beautiful Ms. Calder" She smiles zipping it on I smile at her and sit as she starts doing my hair.

"Any way's Louis are you going to the meet today?" I ask Hélène stick a pin in my hair after curling it.

"No I'll watch on the tv" He says from the bed.

"Hélène I think I can do my hair can you please go make sure Prince James is here" I ask she nods and runs off.

"I'm here" The small eleven year old runs in. "Ello Eleanor" He smiles kissing my cheek.

"Don't get to touchy James" I say.

He slings his arm over my shoulder "Babe you're my date today I don't bite" He smirks Louis chuckles.

"Let's get this done"

"We can married"



"Yay after I comet suicide"

"What's that?" He ask as we walk out of the room Louis laughing from the bed.


After the meet I walked inside the palace with Ana. She bit her lip and sat on my bed. "I'm getting married in three weeks and four days" She says.

"Ana it'll be okay"

"You're saying that because you get to marry who ever you want"

"No" I say.

"El you have the life I wish I could" She yells. "Your best friend is a princess you can date anyone you want you can go any where with out a body guard or sneaking around an you can marry anyone" She screams. "You will never get it!"

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