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Love has No Boundaries (Teacher/ Student Love Story)


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Love has no boundaries(student/teacher love story)

Chapter ten

Kellan Gripped my hand and led me into the hotel room. In the middle of it lay a queen sized bed dripping with red satin sheets.

I blushed at how seductive the whole scene looked, the thought of what was to come, had my core aching for passion.

Kellan turned to face me an held my face between his two hands and kissed me lightly and then more aggressively. I wrapped my arms securely around his neck as he grabbed my leg with his free hand and wrapped it around his waist. He smirked against my lips and brought me over to the bed and layed me down while also laying down on top of me. He grinder his bulging crotch against me which caused my breath to hitch in my throat. Soon sounds of lust filledthe air as I moaned at the pleAsure kellan's grinding was giving me. He slowly stripped his shirt off and then my dress. I'm glad I chose to wear langerie . He grinned a stupid grin and shivered when I traced the outline of his gorgeous Abs. He placed tender kisses on my neck.I arched my back while giving him better access. I wrapped both of my legs around his waist and thrushes upwards. It soon became a a pattern . I'd thrust and he would meet me halfway.even though this wasn't actual sex it was a crazy among of pleasure. Finally he grunted. "Desiree let's take this slow I want it to last." i nodded and stopped thrusting. Kellan unhooked my bra and let one of my breasts free. He looked at it with adoration and engulfed the nipple in his mouth. I moaned as his hot breath tickled my breast. "kellannn",I moaned. "that's right.say my name",he said. I grabbed his heAd and brought it closer to my chest. He removed his mouth from my breast and smiled at me as he traveled farther down.first stopping to slide his pants off. His play boy bunny boxers stuck out in a big bulge from his new arousal. He placed his hands on the edge of my underwear and started to tug them Down. Well I can't believe my first time is going to be with a teacher.then his phone rang. I felt kind of relieved at the phone interrupting us bothie yet I felt kind of was going perfect. Kellan looked at he calls I-d. "I've got to get this!"he answered the phone and cursed under his breath while saying short responses. He hung the phone up and looked at me with an apoligetic expression. "we've gotta go." I sighed and sat up while hooking my bra back on. We started to get dressed in awkward silence."tonight was going as I planned but turned into a disaster because it ended to soon." I just nodded and finished getting dressed. I shook my hair a little and ran my fingers through it to kind of brush it out. He groaned as his cell phone rung again. "I'm just gonna leave." he nodded and I left the room. I decided I wasn't ready to face Seth or Lucy again so I jut street walking.finally I found the bar and sat down. Someone sat a drink in front of me. I looked up and a cute guy smiled. " it's on he house you looked worn out",he stated. "thank you", I said and took a sip. I could taste that it had alcohol In it. I took another sip." I'm jermy." I nodded. " I'm Desiree!" " well Desiree it's nice to meet you." I Kept taking sips until the glass was empty.I wonder when this alcohol was gonna start hitting me. Jeremy brought another and I finished it in for sips.then I started feeling tipsy. I had about two more glasses and decided I was pretty full. "well jerrramy I'll see you latr",I slurred.he pained and waved goodby as I stumbled my way out of the room. I started making my way up he stairs and hit into first he looked confused and then anger started to settle in his facial expression. "Desiree what the hell?are you drunk",he asked.I gave him an innocent smile. "ofcoarse not silly.I'm just a lip tipsy that's all",I slurred while patting his head and falling as I attempted to walk. Kellan picked me back up and looked me firm in the eyes." Desiree why would you be so careless.I swear sometimes it's like you don't give a shot and you go and act like a stupid teenager." that made me upset. I may be intoxicated but I still can feel emotions. " Kellan leef me alone.I act like a stupid teenagr because I am a teenagr and we act stupid sometime",I said. He huffed and gripped my arm the point where it hurt. "Kellan let gooooo your hurting me." he still didn't let go. I groaned and tried to push him away. He grabbed me and pulled me into a dark room. He glared at me. " Desiree stop it. You need to grow up.the whole reason you drawer my attention because you seemed different and independent and now your just doing what every one else is.I really though you were different, and I guess I was wrong",he said angrily and walked out. I felt angry and sad.well the only reason I'm doing all I'm doing is because of him.he makes m feel so up and down. I felt tears blur my vision and soon fall after slowly down my cheek. I started to cry hard. The door to whatever room I was in opened and I glanced at who was standing was Seth with a sympathetic smile.he walked over to me and held me in his arms." it's's gonna be alright", he said while rubbing my back.I think what would be best if I just moved on from Kellan to someone more rational that wouldn't have my head spinning.

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