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That Thing You Do

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I'm so not a morning person but I'm up! I went straight into the shower hoping the water will help wake me up. After a good 15 minute shower I'm finally starting to wake up. I wrap a towel around myself and hair walking into my room to grab a bra, some panties and an oversized t shirt to wear while I'm getting ready.

Back in the bathroom I dry my hair adding some wavy curls to the end of my hair. I did my make up pretty light but added a little extra mascara. I don't want to spend too much time on everything knowing they'll probably just change everything completely. But I want to look nice and professional considering this could be something big. I'm so excited.  


I get dressed putting on some cream coloured skinny jeans a black vest top and a pastel pink blazer. I slip on my shoes and grab my purse. Off to Starbucks. It was a nice day out and I quite enjoyed my walk to Starbucks. I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been in heels but hey.

I walked in and didn't see Adam which was weird, he was ALWAYS working. They need to give him some more time off really.

I'd spoke too soon, or thought too soon rather because when I walked up to the counter Adam walked out from the back. 

"Hey, don't you ever leave here?" I said half joking.

"Haha yeah I wasn't supposed to even work today but I'm covering for someone. I'll have the next three days off though."

"Well that's nice." I smile at him.

"The usual?"

I nodded pulling out the money handing it before he even had the chance to tell me. He took my money making change and handing it to me. Telling someone behind him what to make.

"So who's that guy I've seen you with the past couple times." Adam ask curiously. 

"Oh his name's Zayn I ran into him that first night you me with him. That was the reason for the second coffee."

"Oh so you literally ran into him?"

"Yup. I was quite unhappy, as you can imagine. You know how I am about my coffee."

"I sure do. So you didn't know him before then?" 

"Nah. . haha what's with the 20 questions, eh?" 

"Nothing, just curious that's all." He said handing me my coffee.

"No worries, Thanks Adam." I said walking out and back to my flat. 


Not sure what to do until Scarlett get's here I just sit down on the couch and finish my coffee. Then finally a knock at my door. 

"Hey Scarlett." I said opening the door. 

"Oh Riley you look nice." 

I thank her, grab my purse, lock my door and pull it shut behind me. I follow Scarlett out to her car and get into the passenger seat.

"Sooooo. .how about you tell me about this 'big' shoot now?"

"Can't sorry. I was told not to."

"By who? You're my agent aren't you supposed to be on my side."

"I am on you're side. That's why you're doing this."

"Ugh but I mean I'm going to find out anyway."

"Exactly, so you can wait."

"I hate you Scarlett." I muttered under my breath.

"You love me." She wasn't supposed to hear that. Ugh oh well.

She pulled up to this old warehouse looking place. I just looked at her.

"Uh are you sure this is the place?" I asked.

"Positive." She replied confidently. "The studio's inside."

"Okay then." I said getting out of the car following her inside. The place looked way nicer inside. We were greeted by a short brunette girl. 

"Hi, I'm Holly. You must be Riley." I nodded. "Okay the boys are right through here follow me." She told me. 

I shot Scar a questioning look she just waved me off. What a help she is. I walk into a large open studio, the first thing or I lay eyes on is Zayn. Wait what? What's he doing here? I then notice the rest of One Direction. I stop in my tracks. 

"Scarlet, what are they doing here?" I ask.

"You're here to help them with they're photo shoot to promote their new single."

"What? This is the big shoot."

"Well yes of course, do you know how much publicity you're going to get from this."

"Yeah I'll get loads but it wont be because I'm modelling but because I'm around then. I don't want to be know as the girl from the One Direction shoot. I want to be know because of the quality of my modelling."

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