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Harry Styles secret girlfriend

Dedicated to

Here's another Harry Styles fan fic. I'll be uploading the cover in the next couple days, since I can't do it off my iPad :( but I just want to thank a special person who made the cover for me @xStylesKiss thank u soo much hun, love ya so much :) <3 Sorry if there are any mistakes :/ 

Well enjoy :) xx



Michelle's POV

"oh my god!! I can't believe we're going to meet One Direction!!" my friend, Dian screamed.

"I know!!" I squealed.

"next." Liam said, we were next in line.

My friend Dian and I are at One Direction cd signing. We have been waiting two months for this to happen. My name is Michelle, 17 years old, live in Las Vegas, with my parents and Dian. Her parents died last year and my parents said she could stay with me, so she's like a sister to me now. I love One Direction, Harry's my favorite, but I still love Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn. I have a lot of their merch and their cd. I have bluish/greenish eyes, average height an weight, brown wavy hair. I'm cheeky, shy, fun, athletic, but still the nerd. Love music, books, sport, One Direction and writing. My friends and family mean the world to me.

Dian and I moved up to Liam. The order went Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry. I saw Harry looking at me. I looked at Dian, she looked like she was either going to scream or faint. I nudged her, she looked at me, with the biggest grin ever. I mentally chuckled, as she gave Liam our CDs. Liam looked up at us, smiling at us.

"afternoon girls. How are you?" Liam asked, signing Dian's cd.

"afternoon Liam, I'm good. How are you?" Dian asked.

"that's good, I'm good. How about you gorgeous?" Liam asked.

"I'm good." I said, blushing slightly.

"that's good. So what's your name gorgeous and beautiful?" Liam asked.

"I'm Dian and this is Michelle, or Shelly." Dian said.

"they are both pretty names, like you two. So who's your favorite Dian and Michelle?" Liam asked.

"mines Louis." Dian said.

"Harry." I said.

"Harry aye?" Zayn said, winking at me.

"oh damn. Now girls, your going have to go to Zayn now. Hope to see you both again. Love you Dian and Michelle." Liam said, handing Zayn, Dian's and my cd.

Dian and I moved to Zayn. He gave me a piece of paper, with all of the guys numbers on it, except no Harry. Zayn even handed Dian a piece of paper, also with the guys name. Why was he....??

"I'll tell the guys what I did, now. Except Harry has to give his number to you ladies, he just got a new mobile, so yeah. Call us if you want something, get to know each other. Have fun." Zayn said, signing our CDs and passed them to Louis, rolling his eyes at Zayn.

"do you like carrots?" Louis asked Dian.

"carrots is the best vegetable ever. I love them." Dian said.

"awesome. I like you, Dian. Michelle, ahh or Shelly, aha nice Zayn, do you like cats?" Louis asked me.

"shut up Lou!!" Harry said, blushing, Niall laughed.

"cats are cute and peaceful." I answered Louis.

"aww. Niall your next Nandos." Louis said, passing Dian's and my cd to their leprechaun.

"afternoon babes!!" Niall said excitedly, Dian and I giggled and blushed.

"afternoon Niall.." Dian and I sang.

I looked over at Harry, he looked impatient. Why? When he saw me looking at him, he smirked and winked at me. I blushed like a tomato. Harry leaned over to Niall and whispered something to him, Niall nodded. Harry smirked and got up and walked to the security guard and told him what he was doing, the security guard let him pass. Harry walked over to me, grabbing my hand, kissing it and winked at me. He quickly autographed mine and Dian's cd.

"would you like a hug hun? The others can give you one as well." Harry told Dian and I.

Dian nodded her head, Harry gave her a hug, still holding my hand. Harry mouthed something to Niall, he nodded, then Harry walked me to another room. Harry handed me a piece of paper, with his number on it!! Ahh!! I started blushing.

"this is my number, call or text me later. May I please have your number babe?" Harry asked, I nodded and he got his phone out and I typed it in a new contact, with my name in it.

"thanks." I said, Harry winked at me, smirking.

"your welcome babe, thanks for your number. Excuse me for this." Harry said, kissing me.

I kissed Harry back. He licked the bottom of my lip, I let him access, I wrapped my arms around his neck, Harry put his hands on my waist. Harry moaned, I could feel him getting a boner, as I can feel a bulge against me, I smirked, putting my hands in Harry's curls. Harry broke the kiss, resting his forehead on mine, looking into my eyes.

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