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The Dirty Princess *A Harry Styles FanFic*


Chapter One


"Princess Angelina your mother wishes to speak to you" Lilly my maid says walking into my room.

I groan passing the brush trough my curly brown hair once more and setting it down. "My mother also wishes for me to marry" I say getting up and grabbing a remote opening the sixth drawer to my closet revealing twenty different high heels. Lilly's tired green eyes send a pleading look. I sigh and slip into my white heels. "Fine but only cause I love you"

She smiled and walked out the door. "Vegas" I called patting my knees the small poodle jumped up and into my olive arms. I smiled kissing her on top of her head and walking down stares.


As I reach the fourth floor and walk down the large hall way's I bump into a curly haired boy. Quickly Preston my body guard lefts me up I see a pair of green eyes like mine staring at me.

"I am so sorry" He says and bows.  

I giggle and have him stand up.

"First don't ever do that again Second be careful where you walk and third who are you" I ask. He looks take. Back for a moment.

"Harry. Harry Styles" He says sticking out his hand. I shake it. "It's a pleasure Princess Angelina"

"As well Mr. Styles" I smile.

"Ah I've seen you've already met my daughter Harry" My mother says walking down the hall way she has four other boys behind her.

"Pardon me mother but who are these boy's" I ask putting on a fake smile.

"This my darling is a famous boy band who will be playing at your wedding next month they will be staying here till then" She says. Wedding. I hate that word and the guy he's a real jerk, it's an arranged marriage the worst.

"Well I hope to see you around" I smile. "Bur I have a lesson to attend to so if you can excuse me" I say nodding my head an walking down the hallway to the third floor where the ball room is at.


"Are you paying any attention my dear" Paul's voice brings me back to reality. I blink a couple times Harry's face leaving my mind. "It's a boy isn't it" Paul ask.

"" I say a pink blush slowly creeping up to my cheeks he chuckles and turns the music off.

"Sit" he commands. I roll my brown eyes and do what I'm told Paul grabs my silver teria and placing it on top of my curls care fully. "It's clearly not Prince Willam"

He licks his red lips and smiles after seeing my silence. "Is it one of the lads"

"No" I say "I don't know them I just think they are cute"

"What ever" he says making me laugh. "Well I have places to be and people to see I'll see you tomorrow darling" he says before kissing my cheeks.

"Wow" Harry says after Paul leaves looking at the ball room. "It's beautiful" he breaths out.  

I shrug.

"It's okay I guess" I say.

"Okay" He ask "It's huge!"

I laugh at his comment and look at him as his hands trace the glass partern on the wall. "Not that big" I replie.

"Princess Angelina-

"Call me Ana please" I correct him.

"Ana" He says with a bite of doubt. "What do you do for fun"

"Fun?" I ask

"Yeah you know enjoyment" He ask licking his lips.

"I know what it is" I say. "And ride horses"

He scoffed. "That is NOT fun" he says a smirk playing on his lips.

"Is too" I say "and so is painting and hanging out with Vegas"

"Vegas" he says shocked. "You've been to Vegas!"

"No my dogs name is Vegas" I say and the little white poodle runs in and sits next to me.

He laughs. "What do you do for fun" I ask.

"Well I go the the Movie Theater"

"Movie Theater?"

"Yeah where they play movies" He says.

"Can't you watch them at home?" I ask.

"'ve never been to a theater"

I scoff this time. "Of course I have" I say.

"Broadway and Oproah's don't count" He says. I look down and sigh. "I knew it how about a mall"

"What's a mall?"

He gasp "You've never been to a mall Louis would kill you" he says. "How 

About Nando's"

"Is that a place?" I ask.

He shakes his head "Don't say that in front of Niall" he says. "We're going out"


"Ouch!" I say as I jump back. Harry laughs.

"That didn't hurt" He says. "It's impossible"

"But those people could've been hurt" I say "Just looking at it" I turn away from the zombie game. Preston looks over from the corner.

"You ready to see the rest of the mall" He ask.

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