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A Proscriptive Relationship


"Maybe you ate some bad steak." My mom gave me a worried look as she stood over my bed. She pressed her hand to my forehead and frowned. "You don't have a fever..."

I shook my head. "No, I don't think I do. I just have a stomachache... and cramps," I made up quickly.

Immediately my mom smiled with realization. "Ah. I understand completely. I'll call the school and let them know you'll be absent today then."

"Thank you."

"No problem, honey," my mom responded with a smile. "Rest up though. I'm sure Lance and Casey will be very disappointed if you can't go to the festival tonight."

"Oh crap! I forgot about that," I responded with a frown. "Yeah, I'll rest up then..."

My mom chuckled. "Okay. Make sure you eat something too. I've got to go to work now, so have a good day."

"You too, be careful," I said as she headed out of my room. "See you later."


As soon as she closed my bedroom door I fell back on my bed and pulled the covers over my head, feeling my face heat up. I was such a chicken! Eventually I'd have to go to school and face Mr. Heywood in class. But after last night, how could I act the same in class? To act as if he was only my teacher and nothing more? Could I do it? Surely it wouldn't be any different than before... except now I knew he thought of me as more than a student.

Erg. Why did Mr. Heywood have to be my teacher?

And why did I wait to have these feelings until now? When we were already in love with each other? I could have gotten used to them if I had them from the beginning! What if he looked at me in class? Obviously I was going to blush since I had a horrid habit of doing so.

A small groan erupted from me as I pressed my comforter harder into my face. Mr. Heywood and I didn't even have a chance to talk about what happened last night because my mom and Jeremy never left us alone again. I hadn't even looked at him after that- I was too embarrassed. I shook my head violently, trying to dismiss my thoughts. I needed more sleep, I could think about this later.

My phone ringing woke me up. It was a muffled sound I could barely hear. I glanced at my side table, wondering why my ring tone was so quiet. Then I remembered my phone was in the living room where I accidentally left it last night after eating. Pushing myself out of the warmth of my bed, I stomped down the hall way and down the stairs to where my phone was.

"Hello?" I mumbled sleepily, not bothering to check the caller I.D.

"Holly! It's my first day back in school and you're not here?" Lance demanded at once.

I pulled the phone away from my ear in surprise. "Ow, you don't need to yell."

"I'm not!"


Lance sighed. "Why aren't you in school?

"Umm," I hesitated, feeling my face heat up again. "You know... Girl problems."

"Say no more," Lance responded quickly.

I laughed. "Okay."

"Are you still going to the festival?"


"Okay, just making sure. Are you getting a ride, or should I pick you up?"

I shrugged, but then remembered he couldn't see me. "I don't know. I'll probably walk. The fair grounds aren't that far away and-"

"I'll pick you up," Lance interjected before I could finish. "It's too dangerous for you to be walking alone at night."

I frowned slightly. Now he was starting to sound like Mr. Heywood. And he didn't even know about the whole kidnap situation. "I can handle myself, Lance."

"If they shoot you?"

"Lance! Don't say things like that so easily! Who are you with?"

I could imagine Lance rolling his eyes. "I'm by myself, outside. No one will overhear us."

"Still," I growled. "What time are you picking me up?"

"Seven," Lance told me. "Be ready."

I nodded; once again forgetting Lance couldn't seem me. "I will."

Suddenly I heard another voice that wasn't Lance's on the other side of my phone. I thought he said he was alone! Lance spoke to the person and after a minute of Lance and the person arguing quietly I heard a weird noise. Then a new person spoke.


My breath caught in my throat and my eyes widened. "Mr. Heywood?"

"Yeah, it's me. Why aren't you in school today?"

Suddenly my palms felt widely and I looked around widely, not knowing what to say. I didn't want to lie to Mr. Heywood, but there was no way I could tell the truth!

"I just don't feel well, but I've got to go now, bye!" I said in a rush before pulling the phone away and snapping my phone shut.

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Chace Crawfordas Chris Heywood
Alexis Bledelas Holly Evers
Ian Somerhalderas Shawn Myers
Alex Pettyferas Jeremy Ross
Matt Lanteras Lance Greyson
Victoria Justiceas Casey Rivers

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