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Unholy Trinity-Unlocked


Will there be a new holy servant?


Yes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see him in the fourth book.



Will Christian ever find out about what Angelica did?


I’m assuming you’re talking about Angelica making a deal with the twins to give them information on the God Squad in exchange for saving her brother’s life. If so, Christian already knows, but there’s nothing he can do to change it.


Will Christian find out about Wendy's massive crush on him, or does he already knows and doesn't want to hurt her feelings?


Yes, he’ll find out and you’ll never believe what he does about it. 



Will Christian do something really stupid, by which I mean keep trying to get Fallon?


Christian won’t try to go after Fallon, but he’s never going to get over the draw he feels toward her. Fallon is the succubus of Satan. The power she has over the opposite sex makes her impossible to resist, no matter how strong minded a man is.



Will the triad stay together forever?


Yes, they will. Their bodies and souls are connected. If one dies, the other two will follow.



What actually happened between Simeon, and Mrs. Robinson?


There’s no kind way to say this. Simeon allowed her to seduce him and yes he did sleep with her. However, it was strictly physical. Those of you who’ve read In the Beginning know that his heart belongs only to Lucy Griffin.



Will Ellen Robinson ever come back again?


I’m not planning to bring her back at this time, but you never know.



Will there be a baby Dexister? XD


Dexister? That’s a cute mash up. And yes, I think it’s safe to say they’ll be reproducing.


Is Fallon's mother going to hate her her entire life?


I don’t think Gwen hates Fallon. I think she hates herself for turning a blind eye to the influence the Locke family had over Fallon. I also think she hates Simeon for taking her only daughter and the only family she had left after Fallon’s father died.



How come Fallon's father hasn't come back to talk to her again?


Marshall Keyes is dead and can only leave Hell on All Hallow’s Eve.  Don’t be surprised if he turns up a few times in UT4.



What was the birthday gift?


I think you mean what did the twins give Fallon for Valentine’s Day?  If so, that will be revealed in the prologue of the fourth book, but I sure didn’t expect people to be so curious about it.


Who was Lucian's first time?


It was Daphne Spellman during that fateful few minutes in the teacher’s lounge freshman year.


Are Daphne and Seth ever going to happen again?


Seth would be a fool to let that happen. Daphne broke his heart not once but twice. I think that poor boy has learned his lesson.


Will Fallon develop stronger powers for herself so she doesn't need the twins’ strength to draw from so she can do more solo stuff?


Yes, and that will be explored further in the fourth book.

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