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My Hot Roommate (Zack Merrick)

Dedicated to

Aunt Macy On the side :) Remember they are close in age. 

I awoken to a big smile on my face. First, I had one amazing night lastnight with Zack. Second, I had an awesome dream that consisted of Zack. Third, I awoken to Zack's scent lingering around me. 

I stretched my arms and legs until I was satisfied.  I slowly crept out of his bed and walked downstairs. It was silent. I slowly walked to the living room where I saw Zack still sleeping on the couch. 

I literally died when I saw Zack. He had his shirt off as he slept. I saw his muscles that contoured his body perfectly. He had perfectly sized arm muscles and abs. His pecs were amazing.  The way his tattoos covered his chest and arms made me want to squeal. Everything about him was just about perfect so far. 

I took a deep breath to try and regain myself. I calmed my self down and grabbed a blanket that I had. I softly laid it on top of Zack. I felt myself get warmer and tingly inside as I got closer to his shirtless body. I smiled at the sight of him sleeping. I went into the kitchen and cooked some eggs and bacon, which was the only thing in our refridgerator. 

I laid out our breakfast on the countertop. I sat at the island and began to ate my eggs. As I finished I felt two strong hands behind me.

"Morning!" Zack yelled and shook me.

I jumped and crossed me legs. "I almost peed, asshole." I joked, as I got up to clean my plate.

"Aw your done." He pouted.

"Hah. Sorry. Your breakfast is right there." 

"Aw. Thanks, Kendra." He smiled at me before he dug into his plate. I turned to look at his shirtless body. I almost dropped the plate. I quickly turned around to hide my red cheeks.

"Oh, thanks for the blanket." He said with food in his mouth. I nodded and went into the living room. I sat on the couch, where Zack's shirt laid. I heard the noise of dishes coming from the kitchen. Soon enough, Zack came walking in the living room. 

He stood in front of me, his body towards me. He placed his hands on his hips and looked up. I saw him look around the living room, but stayed in place in front of me. I lowered my view towards his perfectly sculptured torso. 

My mind led to dirty thoughts. I mentally slapped myself, when I heard Zack.

"Ahem!" He fake coughed. I snapped my gaze towards his smirking face. I couldn't help but smile and let out a tiny laugh. We both knew I couldn't help but look.  

"Yeah, I know it's hard not to stare." He said, grinning.

"Shut up!" I balled up his shirt that laid next to me and chucked it at him. I felt myself blush, a lot. Zack just stood there, holding his shirt and laughing. I watched as he unfolded his shirt and began to put it on. I watched as his arms went up into the air to slip on the shirt. I studied every inch of his torso. The way his muscles move. I looked at every detail of his tattoos that moved against his body everytime he moved. My eyes grew big, as I noticed just how attracted I was to this guy. 

As he pulled his shirt over his head, I quickly looked down at the ground. How could I possibly be so attracted to some guy I just met?  I got so wrapped up in my thoughts, I hadn't noticed Zack was still in front of me. 

"Kendra? You okay?"

I looked up at him, clueless. "What?"

"You alright?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine."

"Heh. You wanna get your bed now?"

I nodded and got up. We both put on our coats and headed towards his car. The car ride didn't consist of much. We just talked about random things until we finally pulled up to our old neighborhood. 

"It's so wierd how we were neighbors." Zack stated, as he got out the car. We both looked around and smiled at each other. It honestly was a small world. Zack walked behind me on the walkway. I unlocked the door and walked into the empty house. Everything was just the same as it was last time. 

We walked into my empty bedroom. I motioned Zack over towards my bed. 

"That's it." I told Zack. He walked over and began to pick up the bed. I went on the other side to help him. It took us about 15 minutes to get the bed to his car. We wrapped up the rope and secured it to the roof of his car. As he fixed the ropes, I went into my Aunt's house and looked around for the last time. Well, maybe not the last time but the last time I'd be living there. All the memories rushed back into my head. Memories of my Aunt and I as a kid. Memories of Shane and I. I shut my eyes as I reminded myself of Shane. I hadn' talked to him since he kissed me. 

I heard the front door shut. I jumped as I heard Zack's voice.

"Kendra? You in here?"

"Uh, yeah! I'll be out in a sec." I yelled back. I heard his footsteps lead outside. I looked around one last time and headed out.  We both got into his car and headed back to our house. He helped me get the bed situated in my new bedroom. The entire day I fixed my bedroom. I placed all my clothes into dressers and in the closet. I looked at the time, it was around 8 o'clock. 

I heard my phone buzz.

Aunt Macy: Hey Ken, I'm back home. I wanna see the new place!

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Zack Merrickas Zack Merrick
Odette Yustmanas Kendra
Lindsay Priceas Aunt Macy
Ashton Kutcheras Shane

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