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All I need is you (on hold)

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   Aimee let the water pour over her, soothing sore muscles and the aches that came from a long run. It hadn't helped that she had gotten out of her habit of running every morning but she forced herself to excuse it considering all that had been going on.

Squirting some shampoo into her hand she lathered her hair up thinking back over the earlier conversation with Gail and Henry. It had been tense and awkward explaining what had happened and what Caleb had done about it.

There mother had been so upset, Aimee had worried she would go track down Jason right then and there. But Henry....he was a different matter completely. Instead of seeming outraged or upset he’d been calmly indifferent. Watching them...watching her with a apprehensive gaze as they went over their story. Or at least, a slightly altered version of their story.

They had left out Aimee’s involvement completely, explaining that they had only been helping out a friend by tricking Jason into confessing and when he had tried to run, they had both gotten a little banged up.

Aimee shivered under the hot water, remembering the calculating way Caleb's father had watched them. Caleb had sat close to her on the couch in support, but Henry’s watchful eyes had made the contact uncomfortable. As if he could see through the white lies to the truth of what had happened, as if he could read between the lines to the intimate outcome between Caleb and her.

Even now enclosed in the warmth of her shower the idea left her cold. Shutting off the spray she wrapped herself in towels and entered her room to get dressed for bed. Everyone was already asleep so the house was quiet enough for Aimee to hear when her door eased open.

Not bothering to look she spoke mildly. “I see you still have trouble knocking.”

Caleb shut the door behind him, going over to stretch out on her bed while she slipped into a sleep shirt. “I figured I would be safe from your hair bush this time.”

Grinning at him she leaped, landing on top of him, laughing as all the air whooshed out of him.

“I’ll just throw myself, instead of the brush.”

“You forget I know your dirty little secret.” Caleb grinned evilly at her when she pulled back to look at him.

“What dirty little secret?” she asked warily.

Flipping them over till she was trapped underneath him, he gripped both of her wrists in one hand while trailing the other along her arm till he reached her ribs. Leaning down he whispered in her ear... “You’re ticklish.”  

A few minutes later when Aimee was sure she was going to bite through her lip trying to keep the laughter in; Caleb finally relented and stopped the torment. Dropping to the side, he pulled her till she was snuggled up to his side.

Bringing a hand up, she drew patterns on his bare chest with a finger. All he wore were khaki shorts low on his waist and she loved being able to touch his warm skin without needing an excuse. It was the ultimate thrill knowing that his body was hers to do whatever she wanted to it. They talked about random things for awhile before she brought up the earlier events.

“So that was kinda awkward earlier, huh?” she asked.

Caleb shrugged a little. “I thought they took it very well.”

“You don’t think your dad seemed a little…calm?” she wasn’t sure what answer she was looking for but something just didn’t feel right and maybe Caleb sensed it too.

“Nah, he’s just getting ready to harass me about coming to work for him and doesn’t want to start a fight over something he doesn’t think is important.”

“What are you going to tell him?” She knew the things he wanted to do with his future but wondered if Caleb would be able to fight for them with his father.

“Well, I’m going to tell him that I’m going to college.” Caleb spoke firmly the decision made. “And that once we’ve finished with college, I will seriously think about whether or not I could stand to work with him.”

“Once we’ve finished college?” Aimee wasn’t sure she’d heard him right.

“I figure that we can pick a college that we both like and I will get an apartment there. Once you graduate high school you can join me until we’ve both graduated college. After that we can figure out what we want to do.”

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