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Lemons & Oneshots

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Kokoro swished her long brown hair.

"Heehee," she muttered to herself next to her friend Arashi.

"What's so funny, Koshii?" Arashi asked, astounded.

"What? Oh, nothing!" She began to wave her hands. She didn't mean to say anything aloud.

"Kokoro, you're acting friggin' weird! Ever since we... bumped... into... HOLY SHIT KOKORO!!" She WHAP-ed her friend on the arm. "You don't....?"

"What?" Kokoro was clueless as to what Arashi was trying to say. Sure, they'd bumped into Neji earlier with Shino, but that couldn't be what she was talking about....

"You know exactly what, young lady! OH SHIT!!" She stared at the shadow of a thin tree. "I'm late! See you, Koshii!" Arashi ran off towards the village. Kokoro didn't really feel like returning to the village so continued walking through the forest.

The leaves fell around her-- how beautiful. The grass under her feet-- how wonderful. The trees on her path-- how gorgeous!

"Ko-- Kokoro?" a low voice asked. Kokoro whipped her head around to see Neji.

"Oh-- hi, Neji." She rested her fist on her hip. "How goes it?"

"Uhm, just, y'know, hanging around...." He turned his face nervously and was fiddling with his hands-- in other words, not the usual Neji.

"We bumped into each other earlier."

"Yeah, I've been looking around for something...."



"You lost 'im?" Neji cringed.

"Erm...." He scratched the beck of his neck. "More specifically, I told him to get lost."


"I was waiting to get you alone, Kokoro, I've been following you this whole time." Kokoro nodded, not sure what was coming next. "Okay, I'm going to say this real quick before I think about it too much. Kokoro, would you go on a date with me?" That wasn't what she had been expecting. Village distaster? Sure. Shark attack? Maybe. Groundhogs? Probably not, but those possible issues ran through her head before Neji asking her on a date!

And yet at the same time, it might not be too bad. She stared right into Neji's lavender eyes and pondered.

Maybe it would actually be fun. But wouldn't someone accuse her of not being a full-fledged shinobi? Sure, they could, but what did she care? But if she didn't really like him, then why would it be worth it?

Those eyes. Those eyes that knew. Those damn lavender eyes. Those eyes that were hurt at how long she was taking to answer him.

Those damn eyes!

"Sure, I'd go on a date with you."

- 2 years later-

"Neji, come here, I got a secret for you?" Kokoro giggled. Her boyfriend smirked and leaned toward her, his hear near her mouth. She nibbled the ridges along the top.

"Ow! What was that for?" He rubbed his ear, overplaying the bite.

"For making me wait." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, making sure her cleavage was pronounced.

"Wha-what do you mean?"

"We haven't... in a while. A week to be exact." Neji's eyes widened and his eyebrows heightened.

"But.... I thought you said it was.... your time of month?"

"Silly, Neji, those only last five days!"

"Well, how was I supposed to know that?" Kokoro chuckled and reached around his head to untie his headband while kissing him.

"Mmhmmmm...." The headband clanged to the kitchen floor. Thank goodness Momoko was out for the day! Neji smiled into the kiss and held her at the waist, leaning in more. Kokoro moved on to his jacket, unbuttoning it so that it fell to the ground, revealing the fishnets beneath. Neji picked Kokoro up, bridal style, without breaking the kiss.

He tossed her on the bed, making sure he didn't hurt her but trying to look like he was being rough. He took off all of her dress, her fishnets, everything as fast as he could until she was left in only a bra and her panties. Before he knew it, he, too, was naked except for boxers.

"Aaaah I love you, Kokoro," Neji muttered, breathing through his teeth when he saw her for the first time in a week. He kissed her stomach, making Kokoro giggle. He moved up and began to lick her neck, causing her to giggle harder. He unhooked her bra and her generous breasts fell. Neji tossed the bra aside and rubbed her clitoris  throught the fabric.

"Mmmmm, Neji...." He rubbed slower but applied more pressure while running his other hand under her breasts. Her back arched and her toes curled with sheer wont, her fingers squirmed with the need to grab something. "N-Neji.... Bring it on!" She smirked and pushed him on his back, getting on top of him. She straddled his abdomen and ran a finger down the central line of her chest, up and down, up and down. She then replaced her finger with her tongue, tasting his smooth chest. A low, constant grumble emanated from his throat as she reached lower, near his navel and removed his boxers, her tongue coming close to his package but juuuust not reaching it. She ran her tongue back up again, to his neck.

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