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Power Affirmations By William Marshall






By William Marshall 

© Copyright 2005 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved 

Table of Contents 

Chapter Title Page 

Introduction 1 

Chapter 1 The Story of Power Affirmations 15 

Chapter 2 

Power Affirmations Can Help You Attract What You 

Want Most in Life 


Chapter 3 The Battle for Your Mind 28 

Chapter 4 How to Use Power Affirmations 35 

Chapter 5 Creating Your Own Power Affirmations 54 

Chapter 6 The Power of Power Affirmations 58 

Chapter 7 Power Words: One Word Power Affirmations 61 

Chapter 8 Creating a Powerful Self-Image 69 

Chapter 9 The Power of Self-Analysis 73 

Chapter 10 Achieving Your Goals Using Power Affirmations 77 

Chapter 11 Creating Physical Power, Health, and Vitality 80 

Chapter 12 Creating Power Relationships 83 

Chapter 13 Creating Wealth and Financial Abundance 86 

Chapter 14 

The Power of Music...Combining Music with Power 



Chapter 15 RAP: Results-focused Action Planning System 101 

Chapter 16 How I Use My iPod for Personal Development 122 

Chapter 17 

How to Get Off to a Fast Start with Power 



Chapter 18 Napoleon Hill Affirmation For Creating Wealth 138 

Chapter 19 "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen 142 

Chapter 20 Free Power Affirmations ePosters 143 

Chapter 21 This is Not the End, But a New Beginning... 146 

Release Your Resistance to Success 

What do I mean by "release your resistance?" It's simple. 

I think that many people try too hard to succeed. The 

harder you try...the harder you struggle...the more stress 

you create in your life. You actually create resistance to 

the very object or outcome that you desire. Instead, let go 

of your resistance. Allow your mind to be quiet. Using 

Power Affirmations (especially the MP3 recordings) is a 

simple way to start. 

Take a small object in your hand such as a small coin. 

With your hand facing straight down over a table, just 

open your hand and release the object. Without any 

effort, the coin will fall to the table. You can let go of any 

negative emotion, thought, or resistance just as easily. 

The more often you release, the more your mind will be at 

peace...and ready for positive action. 

Would You Like to Receive New Power 

Affirmations by eMail? Then I Invite You to 

Join my eMail List 

You can also join my mailing list and you can receive 3-5 

new Power Affirmations every 3-4 days. The Power 

Affirmations sent out via email are not in this 

eBook and are not available as MP3s. I may publish 

them as a collection later, but for now, the only way to 

receive them is via email. 

Below is the complete text of one of the emails as an 

example of what you can expect. As you can see, it is 

short and to the point and is not a lengthy sales message. 

This is just a tool to share with you new Power 

Affirmations to help you keep your mind positive and 

focused on thoughts that will help you. 

You can unsubscribe to the list at any time. The 

unsubscribe link does not appear in the example below, 

but is included in every email sent to people on my 

mailing list. 


Here are a few new Power Affirmations for August 19, 


1. I am an independent thinker. I study 

multiple points of view and then select the 

ideas that make the most sense for my 

personal situation. 

2. I now have a quiet and peaceful mind. 

3. I now release all my wants and desires 

quickly and easily. 

4. As I release all of my wants and desires, all 

that I need comes to me exactly when I need 


I'll send you some additional new Power Affirmations in a 

few days. If you want to discontinue receiving these 

emails, just unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe 

link below. 

Have a happy and outstanding Saturday! Thanks for your 

commitment to positive thinking and positive living. 

Bill Marshall 

Get Over 200 Power Affirmations on MP3s at 

I also will notify you periodically as I come up with new 

thoughts, ideas, material that I think is really important 

or helpful (probably only once every couple of months). 

For example, when I posted a free 5 minute recording of 

Andrew Carnegie from 1914 reading from his "Gospel of 

Wealth" essay. Yes, this is the real Andrew Carnegie who 

inspired Napoleon Hill to write "Think and Grow Rich." 

You can join my eMail list at: 


Overcoming Procrastination 

Starting on the next page is an article that I recently

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