Topanga stared at the small cracks covering what used to be her bedroom wall “Mom!!” she called down the narrow hallway of their two-story home.

Her only answer was the silence accompanied by the creaking as the cracks grew wider, “Mom!!!” she tried calling again as fear grew in the pit of her stomach. She quickly grabbed her shoes and ran out of her room, the floor crumbling after every step she took

“Mom?” she came to a stop seeing the older brunette propped against the back of the chair barley breathing “Oh, Topanga sweetheart. Are you going to school today?” she asked looking up at her daughter

“Mom, that was in the morning. It’s already noon” Topanga said wiping the silent tears away from her face “was it now? I’ve got to get more tea for your father, he’s having some business guests over tonight” “Dad passed away 3 years ago” nodding her mother looked around before back at her

“Oh, hello who are you, do you know where we are?” “I'm Topanga, Mom we’re at home” “Mom? Oh no I don’t have any children yet, my fiancée is over in the UK on a business trip” Topanga rested her forehead on her mother’s shoulder “I love you mom” was all she could say as she rose to her feet running out of the house