Austin and ally love story


Ally's prov:I am such a loser my friend trish is my only friend and I absolutely hate Austin Moon!!!! He only talks to me with either a grunt of watch out loser but everything changes.

Mrs.hamton:ally you have been assigned to tutor Austin moon 

Ally:what I don't want to not to be mean or act like a baby but he can't be taught 

Mh:well I'm srry but u have so u have to after school for two hours 

Ally:ok mrs.hamton 

Ally's prov:skool went by really fast mow I have to go tutor him ugh worst day ever 

Trish:hey ally where u goin 

Ally:I have to tutor Austin and it sucks 

Trish:o I'm srry good luck bye alls 

Ally:bye trish 

In mrs.hamtons room 

Austin:o great I didn't know u were tutoring me I thought it was a hot girl 

Ally:well I thought u were gonna be a hot boy so we both lost 

Austin:well I think I have swag and I'm popular well u ur hot but not popular 

Ally blushes a little 

Austin:hey come here 


Austin:just come here 

She walks over to him 

Austin:what would u do if I took ur waist grabbed u and kissed u 

Ally:umm ...I don't... 

She interrupted bye him cramin there lips together but she kissed bac then they got carried away but ally stopped him 

Ally:wait wait I barely no u the only thing I know is ur name before we go further I need to get to know u ok 


2 weeks later at ally's house 

Mr d:ally go back upstairs u are not aloud out at all 

Ally:dad I'm a teenage girl just because I kissed Austin and almost got carried away doesn't mean I'm a bad person 

Mr. D:Austin is just using u for sex ally and u know that 

Austin:I woulda never do that I love ally 

Mr d:since u seem u can grow up so fast sly get out now!!!! 

Pack ur stuff and leave 


She runs upstairs austin behind her b packing when she walk back downstairs her dad was in the living room so she just left 

Ally prov:I can't believe my dad he just ugh I just kissed Austin *end prov* 

austins house 

Ally:I'm srry u had to go through that there and thanks for lettin me stay till my dad calms down 

Austin:it's ok and no problem ally 

Ally:did u really mean it wen u sed u loved me 

Austin:yes do u 

Ally:yes I do  

Austin kisses ally and lays her gently on the bed he sucks and lickin her neck he puts his hand up her skirt and played with her panties  

Austin:ugh ally ur a tease I want u so bad but I want to wait till it's perfect just not do it 

Ally:I know but I love u  

Austin:I love u too 

The next day 

Trish:so u and ur dad got into a fight for u kissing Austin and he kicked u out and now ur staying with Austin  

Ally:I know and Im having fun with Austin but..: 

Tilly:ur not staying with Austin he sed he didn't even know u ur just a loser  

Ally:no he didn't 

Tilly:yes he did just now were Finna hang out bye loser 

Trish:omg ally 

Austin looks at ally then rolls his eyes 

Ally:I'm goin to pack my stuff and leave  

1hour later 

Austin:ally are u here I'm srry I did war I did  

Ally:by Austin  

Austin:where r u going I didn't mean to say it I was just... 

Ally:embarrassed to be seen with ur girlfriend wow ur really just wow I knew u were gonna play me ugh 

Austin:ally I love u I'm srry plz 

Ally:move Austin 


Then he Pulls her to the room locks the door 

Ally:Austin let me out 

Austin:no listen to me ally ur not gonna leave me like the other girls ally plz say you'll stay 

Ally:Austin u treated me like crap but I'll stay and try

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