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-My Dream Come True<3 ( A OneShot David Lei Brandt)


This is about a Girl that Fall's in love with a Boy Named David they met in a Dance Competition and Since then they have been the Couple that Everyone Wants to be.......  

But when the Summer Comes to a End... Everything Changes people Change and Everything she Thought was her Dream Come True my Not Be her Dream come True or the Dream she Wants.........


Blake's Point of View:  

Okay its Been Almost 2Week's since the Last time i Talked or Seen David u Know since he Went Back home to LA and Even the last Time we Talked it Seems like he Was Hiding Something from me...  

and am NOT! Holding my Breath that i will Ever See him or Talk to him Again.. its Sad Cuz me and Him were so Perfect i mean we were Always Together and when we weren't with Each Other we Were Always on the phone  

till me or him would Fall Asleep... it Was the Summer i Will Never Forget.... and Even when he Got on his plane Back home Me and Him Couldn't Look Away From Each Other till the Moment he Took that Right Corner On To the Plane i Know Me and Him Only New Each Other for Only 2Month's but it Felt like We knew Each Other Forever... But What Happened when He Gott To LA did he Meet someone New or did he Just Forgot About me and Moved on..  

Ughh! i don't Know what to do........  


David's Point of View: Yo Guys! i Need to Talk to u guys About something...  

VFC Guys: whats upp?..  

David: Okay well when i went to Miami for that Competition i...umm.... idk How to say this... i  

Drew: Pop N Lock just Spit it OUT!!!  

David: (mad and Sreams)OKAY!!! Ughh! i met a Girl there and i don't know if i should tell her about the Band she's the Firsts Girl I've Met since we made the Band that Likes me for me and Not Cuz am in a Band!!!  

VFC Guys: ...........  

David: (Sarcastic and Walks Aways) Wow! guys u guys Are Real Friends...  

Jayk: Wait! David were Not trying to Be Mean its just u Already Know the Deal about us Being a Band......  

David: yeah yeah yeahh i know its Hard to have a GF and be Famous at the same time but i Really Think she's the One for Me....  

Drew: Awww poor David He's a Love sick puppy Hahahaa  

VFC guys: (Laughing) 

David : (glares at Drew) What Ever Anyways guys what Should i do Should i tell her or just let her find out on her own....?  

Tc: i think u Should Tell her the Truth Dav if u Really Care About her so Much...  

:Bobby Ohh Yeahh Listen to Baby Tc who Has Had like 1.Girlfriend in his Life...  

(Everyone But TC Laughs like Crazy people....)  

David: Okay guys am going to go Call her Right now (Runs from Downstairs to his Room Upstairs)  

David:(on His Phone) .....Ringg.....Ringg....Ringg....heyy its Blake! sorry i dident pick up u Know what to do...Beep!  

David: heyy Bebe! its me Am Soooooo Sorry i havent Called its justt i've been REALLY Busy with this Competition and i Feel  

Horrible for Not Calling i think That's why i haven't been doing good with my Dance cuz ur my Good Luck Charm hahaa well i Miss u Call me Backk when u Get this Alrightt Byee (hang's Up)  

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