Turn Back Time. O N G O I N G

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(A/N: My very first story. Dedicated to my classmate. Hi Chaellie! *kaway kaway* \(^.^), Hope you'd enjoy reading this. :D)



Time passes by quickly. People change but memories don't..but it'll soon fade away. So if I were you, I'd cherish every moment with my love ones.


I'd use my time wisely and not regret every second of my life. Sure regretting some things is normal but, it already happened. Past is past. All you have to do is move on.


That's all.


I'd also say things that should be said coz the words that you left unsaid are surely the ones who will haunt you the longest.


I'd do things that would make me happy even though I'd look silly because it's once in a lifetime chance. Time's fast and once it's lost.. we can't get it back.


And lastly, I know, one day, I'll die like everyone else. So don't just sit there and waste time instead, know the VALUE of it.


I know that there would be a time that you wish you can turn back time..

..but sadly, you can't.

And you have to know..




Everything you have is someday gonna be gone.




Nathan Kyle Estero - Park Hyung Seok
Cassandra Louise Manalo - Park Ji Hyun/Model 
Amushei Clair Gonzales - Yuki Kashiwagi
Christopher Jan Rosero - Sungha Jung
John Drew Tecson - Lee Jae Jin
Violette Zarchei Reyes -  Kwon Su Jeong


Yan po yung mga characters po at saka yung gumaganap sa kanila :) tignan niyo po sila para makita niyo kung gaano sila kagaganda't kagwapo XD


p.s: Sakin lang po si Hyung Seok. Ang umagaw sa kanya.. KAKATAYIN KO AT ITATAPON KO YUNG KATAWAN NINYO SA PASIG RIVER (__ __)''' 


hihi :3 alabyooooooooooooo :*

The cover photo is made by: NuhYheen

Ang ganda no? Thank you ulit, ate! ♥



Copyright © 2012 MeIsFluffyDinosaur a.k.a Mikachuuuuu All Right's Reserved. 


Plagiarism is a crime. ;)

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Park Ji Hyunas Cassandra Louise F. Manalo
Hyung Seokas Nathan Kyle Estero
Yukias Amushei Clair Gonzales
Sungha Jungas Christopher Jan Rosero
Lee Jae Jinas John Drew Tecson

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