The Forgotten

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He sits in silence, alone and confused.

He cries to himself not wanting to show others the signs of abuse.

He wonders just how much more he can take.

Another kick, another punch, when will it seal his fate.

He wonders why nobody cares or even gives a shit.

They all watch it happen. Maybe they were all scared.

No one wants to be the next target, the next victim, nobody dares.

He wonders why nobody stands up for the weak?

He tries to laugh it off, but its gone on to long.

Its broken him down he doesn't have the spirit to fight on.

In the end it wasn't the punches or the kicks,

it was the constant harassment from the "normal" kids

They called him fag, queer, and freak because he saw the world a little bit different

a little more unique.

Soon he will be forgotten and pass through to the otherside

Nobody will remember why the sad boy took his own life.

Stop the hatred. Stop the Bullying