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Sunlight- A Parody Of Twilight


Chapter 5

Isabella Cullen hadn't come to school in three whole weeks, in that time, the majority of my thoughts had been wasted on her. I never went to La Pull like I had planned too. I guess I just found it painful to move on after what happened with Isabella, which is rather stupid considering that I didn't really know her that well. Or why she just happens to hate me.

School was really boring without her, well school was boring anyway.

I only one more class before lunch- biology. I sighed, got out of my chair and left the classroom. Mr Brooks had let us out of math seven minutes early. But of course, nobody told him that.

I made my way to my next class, looking up to see the expectantly empty seat next to mine. But no, Isabella was there, in her seat. Next to mine.

My palms started to sweat, and my eyes started to twitch- I tried to stop it, but in situations like this it is almost impossible for me to be fully in control of myself.

I felt insane. Maybe I was.

I walked as calmly as I could over to my seat and sat down, not looking at Isabella at all. No matter how temping it was. And I was doing well, until she began to speak to me.

"Hello." She said in a cautious, but gentle voice. "I'm Isabella Cullen, I'm sorry I have not been able to introduce myself. I have been out of town for personal reasons."

She spoke as if she was writing an extremely formal letter.

"Hi Isabella," I shyly said back. "Can I call you Izzy for short?"

She cleared her throat. "Bella." She said simply.


"Listen, Bella, I'm really sorry for flirting with you on my first day." Even I wasn't sure how I gained the confidence to carry on talking to her.

She turned her head towards me, still not meeting my gaze, "That's quite alright."

She must be used to it.

I stared into her eyes for a second, they were deep, shining gold- I could have sworn that they were black last time I saw them.

"Have your eyes changed colour?" I stupidly asked. Of course they hadn't, that's impossible.

Edward you stupid-head! I thought to myself.

"Um, I don't think so." She said hesitantly. She sounded like she was lying.

"Oh, sorry."

"That's quite alright." She said again.

I smiled at her, but she refused to look at me.

Thankfully, class began at that moment, and I began to focus on what we were meant to be doing instead of focusing on Bella.

"Today, you will be working with a partner. You will have to separate the slides of onion root cells into the phases of mitosis they represented and then you must label them accordingly. You shall do this without looking in your books, there will be be no cheating in my classroom." Said our teacher.

"Partner?" Bella suddenly asked.


"You wanna start, or should I?"

"Uh, no, I'll start." I wouldn't fail too badly at this, I'd already done it back in Phoenix. I knew what to look for.

I put the first slide under the microscope and adjusted it to the 40X objective. I took a short look at it.

"Prophase." I said confidently.

"Can I take a look?" She asked as I began to change the slide.

She gently tried to take it from me, but at the moment that her hand touched mine, I finched. Her skin was freezing, like ice.

"Sorry," She murmerd, looking through the microscope. "It's prophase."

"Like I said."

She took out the slide and swftly replaced it with another one. She breifly looked at it.

"Anaphase." She told me, writing it down on the worksheet.

"Mind if I look?"

She smirked, "Sure."

I searched it, but as it turned out, she was right.

"Anaphase." I told her.

"Like I said." She replied, without so much as looking at me.

We ended up being the first pair that was finished. I could see the confused faces that began to multiply in the room and the others who had their books open under their desks.

"Mr Banner?" Bella called.

He walked quickly over to us.

"We are done."

He eyed our work. "Isabella, I do hope that you let Edward help too." He told her.

"Yes, he did most of it." She said back.

He glanced at me skepticly.

"Have you done this before?" He asked.

"Not with onion root." I said

"Whitefish blastula?"

I nodded.

"Were you in an advanced placement program?" He asked.

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Chapter 5


Kristen Stewartas Isabella Cullen
Robert Pattinsonas Edward Swan

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