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Night Children: Secrets are only secrets for so long


A gentle breeze swept over the land, the grass and fall leaves rustled on the ground animals scurried through the nearby forest, it was a picturesque night the crickets, frogs and night birds were singing a lovely song. It was broken by the screams that echoed through the night, cutting the beauty like a knife.  

"Push Aliana!" Lucien said his hands between his wife's legs, he held the head of his child in his hands. Aliana screamed louder her nails biting into bed sheets, her breaths came in pants, great gulps, sweat matted her dark hair to her neck, her forehead. She pushed harder than before, the pain was like something she'd never thought imaginable.  

"We've got arms," Lucien said with a smile, looking up at his wife- who was not smiling, rather scowling at her husband's obvious joy while she was in such a condition. It wasn't long after that the child was in Lucien's arms. "A beautifully health baby...girl." He looked up at his wife who shared the look of worry, the look of fear, "shit."  


Lucien got his sword out and looked back at his wife, his very pregnant wife. She waddled around mostly her large smile, her hand on her belly- she was so happy to be gifted with her first child. This created quite the situation, Lucien knew she couldn't run, and the screams in the village made Lucien fearful. She held the back of his shirt her head on his back, "what do you think they will do?"  

There was a question. Lucien's eyebrows drew together, he knew the answer- burn the houses, kill the people, take over the land. End of story. Of course that wasn't the answer Aliana was looking for. He didn't answer her because he couldn't. He heard more screams, saw houses up in flames, people he knew in the streets running for their lives. The Night Children were there, and having all too much fun. Bloodcurdling screams filled the air.  

The door to their modest home broke open Aliana let out a frightful scream while Lucien raised his sword. He was good with the weapon, all weapons really a mercenary, a damn good one, as much as he wanted to hold his wife, even look at her one last time, he couldn't because the only chance of their survival was for him to succeed in killing the Night Children, and that was near impossible.  

"Oh, lookie here Hanna- someone is looking for a fight." Lucien looked at the creature through glaring eyes, in front of him stood one of the Night Children. Devilish dirty blonde hair, bright red eyes, blood dripping from fangs somehow the creatures light cotton clothing was spotless. The girl next to him, Hanna, had long blonde hair that reached her calves, blood smeared over her mouth that had broken into a psychotic grin, her eyes even brighter than the males, her nails coated in drying blood. Her white knee length dress was matted with dirt and blood. She tilted her head to the side, "I wouldn't mind another fight," her voice was beautiful her scent alluring. "You want to know what happened to the last guy?" She asked leaning forward, "he tried to bite... me! Can you believe it? So I stuck my hands inside his mouth... and then... I pulled with all my might and ripped his jaw and head in two!" She screeched with laughter, she took a step toward them when an arrow ripped through her heart.  

She turned around, the feathered end hitting the male she was with as she looked out into the night, saw something Lucien couldn't. "You two are idiots," out of the shadows came a elderly man- John had never seen the man before and knew why he was not young like most Night Children are he was one of them, and apparently a highly respected one. "Hanna, Terrance; would you look at the woman," he asked sounding bored.  

"She's pregnant we see that," Terrance responded angered by the interruption in the killing spree. "Twice the goodness," he said snapping his teeth at Aliana.  

"And what did the King dictate about pregnant women?"  

Hanna tilted her head in confusion, "I must not have been paying attention." The elderly man moved with such swiftness in less time that it took Lucien to blink the woman's neck was backward and blood was flooding out of her mouth.  

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