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To Trust and to Lie

Dedicated to
AN: I hope that the characters are not to OC from the first chapter. I wan to update really fast but I cant update really fast because of school :( I will bring in the Bleach characters in later chapters(don't think that I won't include them)! I don't own Bleach or any of the Bleach characters just my ideas and my OC's.


Kaori's POV:

"No way, your gonna like,actually tell us. Hey Haru-chan why haven't you said anything yet?!" I say.

"Ah~ I want to got to my emo corner and cultivate mushrooms" she says in her sad tone of voice

"No not the emo corner." I say.

"Fine I will listen to what Megumi-sempai says when we get on the train." she says.

I glance at my silver watch: 7:30AM. " Haru-chan is right, hurry up and get ready to get on the train or else we will be late for work, good thing we work in the same neighborhood." I say.

As soon as I say that the train shows up and we all rush in I go first,Haru-chan,Gumi-chan,and then Hana-chan in that order we get on the train. While Haruko-chan,Megumi-chan, and I rush to find four seats that are seated together Hanako is standing and staring at facing five strangers. There was an pretty boy, a redhead, a baldy( he looks weird)and a guy with pure white hair. I think those three guys are pretty cute, I say smirking to myself. I can see Hanako checking all of them out. They look cute but what are they wearing,they are like black kimonos.

"Hana-chan,Haru-chan, and Kaori-chan!!! I got seats~" says Megumi.

Hanako's POV:

I try to walk into the direction of everyone else,but I am blocked by those two cute guys (plus the weird baldy and a pretty boy) and a girl with huge boobs. I politely ask them to move and they are totally ignoring me. I walk up to the cute guy with spiky white hair and tap him on the shoulder. The guy surprised, jerks away and stares at me . I blush slightly embarrassed. The girl (with the huge boobs) speaks

"OOOOHHHHHHHHH Captain your making the girl nervooouuuus~."

I stop blushing and ask the cute guy to "Please move so I can get to my friends."

"Matsumoto, Abarai, and Ikkaku grab the girl and her companions the one with the wavy brown hair, long black hair, and the one with black short hair over there ignore the human make sure that she leaves at the next stop." he says in a commanding tone ignoring what I said to him(his voice is almost as hot as he is) pointing in the direction of my three best friends.

"What are you doing to my friends" I say as they grab Megumi-sempai and shove Kaori-chan away.

The boy covers my mouth,"Be quiet girl!" he says.

They are all captured except for Haru-chan. Kaori-chan was pushed away and tied up. I tell Haru-chan to run, she seems as if she is about to pass out. I see a scary mutated monster come through the window, breaking the glass.

Haruko's POV:

All of my friends screams are distant as I fall into darkness I feel someone catch me right before I hit the ground.... I black out. I see something very distant... it is almost like me but with a weird mask sort of thing it looks like me!? Myself, I guess smiles. I see only black and white, I squint trying to see clearer. Then everything becomes too blurry to see.

.... As I wake up to the bright light of the train, I try to rub away the fogginess in my eyes and try to sit up but my body is restricted and I feel slightly bruised. I wait for my eyes to clear up and I see that Megumi-sempai is bleeding and bruised. Kaori-san looks deathly white and is soaked in blood. The stranger with the white hair is barely holding up a passed out Hanako-san and a katana. I bite my lip and think of happy thoughts to stop me from puking and passing out again. I try to say each of my friends names but my mouth is covered by a red head. I am then hoisted up and I watch in pain as each of my friends are picked up(none too gently) and are put onto a seat of the train. I am placed on a seat laying down taking up multiple seats. My ponytail falls out and my long black hair falls down and cover my eyes making it difficult to see. I try to shake my head but I can't. I try again with a little more force, I successfully break through just enough so I can now move my head. I an see again.

"Oi, How did you break that so
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