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The Brave One (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

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Author's Note: I just want to thank you all for contuining to read and embracing my madness! We hit 1,000 during the American premiere of "Asylum of the Daleks" and that was pretty swell! Thanks for all the support, you guys! Also, I can safely say that soon enough The Brave One will be taking it's turn toward the end. Still a few parts to go, not sure how many yet, and the ending's plotted but not written! Hopefully things will become apparent soon enough! Yay! Thanks for reading, voting and commenting, loves!

Oh and as a treat, I'm going to include a song on the side, "Drumming Song" by Florence + the Machine. My friends and I totally believe it's about the Master. But I also love the song, and it's sadly poetic for Fallon's own pounding. Oh, and that doesn't make her the Master, hahah! <3




“I LIED!” We come to a halt, reaching the edge of a cliff. Why do we always seem to get ourselves into more trouble than we can handle? Guess it’s keeping me in shape, then. We turn our backs to the cliff, our feet toying with the loose earth at the edge. I can see the Algolians charging towards us. And when I say charging…it’s more of a stumbling, really. They have no eyes and they are hunting us down by vibrations. When we were running, the vibrations of the Earth beneath our feet made us easy to follow. However, now we’re standing still at the edge of the cliff and they can hardly sense us. I think, but I’m really just taking a shot in the dark here.


“Shh!” He flings his hand up and smacks his index finger over my lips. We stare in silence at the Algolians; a rather hideous race, actually. Blind and repulsive, they have a slimy, scaly exterior and three legs, only really walking on two. I’m still not sure what the third one is for…my foot slips at the dirt gives way beneath it. The Algolians pick up the vibrations and head closer to us. I can smell their marshy, rotten secretions.

“You trust me, right?” The Doctor asks.

I turn my head slowly to look at him, “Unfortunately.”

“Don’t stop now!” He grabs my hand, “GERONIMO!” and steps backwards off the cliff, pulling me with him. He pulls me close to his chest and laughs whilst I scream my head off.

There is a flash of blue in the blur of falling and then I can feel walls around us and then impact. But not exactly what I was expecting. Water splashes around us and the Doctor still holds me close. My feet touch the bottom and I push up off of his, clawing for air. The Doctor pulls me to the surface and when we breach the surface I rub my eyes and gasp for air. I look at around, confused and thrashing. The Doctor shushes me and tries to hold me still.

"Where are we?" I gasp, looking around.

"The TARDIS!" He exclaims with sick glee. I look around. "In the pool, obviously."

"Oh, obviously!" I have to laugh. I suppose I should be relieved we're not dead after he pulled me off a cliff. I push him off of me as he's still holding me like he's afraid I'm about to drown. He watches me nervously. "I'm fine!"

I splash him and then start to swim to the edge--it definitely looks further away now then it did just a moment before. Bloody Time Lord technology. I turn to look at the Doctor and he squirts water into my face, prompting me to reach out and mess up his voluminous hair, already plastered to his face and giving him the appearance of a wet dog. We both laugh hard and I sink under the water and slick my hair back off my face. When I resurface the Doctor is gone. I turn and my arm smacks against the ladder that was not right there before. The Doctor is clinging to the other side of the ladder and I push him out of my way to get on the ladder and I finally get out of the pool and he follows. We stand there and drip profusely, completely soaking wet.

"Well, hey! We're not dead!" I shrug as I shiver. He peels his jacket off and puts it around my shoulders. I look at him, bemused. "Yeah, thanks."

"That was helpful in my mind," he looks confused as he taps the side of his forehead.

"Oh, Doctor!" I laugh and pat him on the back. I bend at the waist and try and shake the water from my blocked ears. Faintly I feel the throbbing near my temples but I push it aside and ignore it.

"Are you two quite finished being children?" A woman's voice asks from behind us. I turn slowly to see a woman standing with her hands on her hips and a smile on her lips. She's very pretty, and she's got killer hair. It's sort of this wild blonde with tight curls. I'm instantly a little jealous of her--she's clearly older but still confidant and strong and almost ageless. She also looks vaguely familiar, likely from one of my dreams I can't recall.

She descends the stairs slowly and smiles wider, "Hello, Sweetie."

"Uh...River! Thank you for saving us..." he turns to me, "this is Fallon Fitzgerald. Fallon, meet River Song. She's"

"Wife," I state emptily and without will. It just sort of falls out of my mouth as things have a tendency to do. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the surprise."

"Yes, well, no trouble," Doctor smiles. It's weird because usually at this point I remember the situation, but nothing comes to mind. Just her name and who she is...and a strange sense of guilt or foreboding. Neither feeling is particularly comfortable whilst staring at this River Song. I force a smile to my lips even though my heart is heavy and reach out to shake her hand.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you. The Doctor speaks very highly of you, love." She smiles brightly and I feel happy. The Doctor has talked to her about me. "Of course, he's also told me about your tendency to talk back, get into trouble, and of course your incredible ability to work your way out of situations. That move with the Cybermen was genius!"

I'm flustered, "Oh, thanks!" I shrug and smile, because what else do I do. I can't put my finger on whether or not all that is a compliment. She throws an arm around my shoulders and squeezes me; an audible squeak escapes my lips.

"I'm not really one for displays of affection, save for our lovely Doctor," she blows him a kiss and he awkwardly adjusts his bowtie. "But you have real potential, Fallon! Smart, remind me of myself. Well...a regeneration or so ago."


"Oh that's a complicated story for another time!" The Doctor comes and pulls us apart. "Fallon, why don't you go get out of your wet things and meet me back at the controls in..." he glances at his watch briefly, "half an hour! I've finally got a lovely trip planned for us...Khaled 7, you'll love the beaches, I promise!"

I back away slowly, feeling trapped in a millennia of sexual tension. "Okaybye!" I exclaim as one word and run away flailing toward the entrance to the library.

"Oh you've been a naughty boy, Doctor," River lowly purrs.

"Ew. GET A ROOM." I call over my shoulder.

River chuckles, "I like this one."

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