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The Original (On Hold until further notice :/ I'm sowwy)

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I wanted the scenes ahead to be shorter and sweeter but for the life of me I babble, I think I kinda suck really bad at writing these type of things but.. feel free to object below in the comments or better yet give me tips? Ha I suck at the romance spin this part but maybe I'm wrong...


Song: Everytime We Touch - Cascada (requested by @Mermaidrapist31)

Picture/Banner also a work of @Mermaidrapist31

Dedicated to: @TheLastKing because you took the time to read my work and become my best internet friend EVER!!

**** In Her Soul ****

I was slow to peel back my eyelids but almost cried out in joy because I was no longer trapped in a room with a man dead set on digging up my past, no pun intended on the dead part of that either. I was in blackness but was coiled in bands of comforting warmth, I couldn't help but hum in appreciation of how good I felt now. Turning more towards the feeling I sighed only to quickly pull back away.

Alexander laid besides me, his arm draped heavily over my waist. I gulped and peered through the darkness to see that even with my jerked movement he was still sleeping, as I looked over his crystal complexion and immediately felt the sleeps grim making itself present to my body. I ran my tongue over my teeth and shuddered, ugh it felt like I haven't showered or washed in years.

I slowly went to roll out from Alexander's grasp only to have his arm curl more around my hip and tug me closer to his body, I held my breath as this brought my face closer to his. I never noticed how dark and thick his eyelashes were, more so then I'd expect from a guy and especially him. Despite the urge I had to get away from him like this I couldn't help but smile slightly as I worked to uncurl his arm from around me, again he tugged me closer, this time my lower half clashed with his and I bit down on my lip to keep from actually moaning out loud at the sensation rocking my body.

Oh for the love of-


I pulled out from his grip and pulled down a pillow to take my place, as I stood back up from his bed I couldn't help but grin ridiculously at the sight of him cuddling a pillow. It was then that I wish I had opted for looking around for something adorably embarrassing like one of those carnival animals...

I covered a snort, yeah because Alexander has those things in his room.

Shaking my head at my intelligence I looked down to see that I was still in the sweats I'd borrowed from Scarlet earlier today or... yesterday? Geez I needed to figure out how long I was out, after I took a shower of course. I walked around the side of the bed and looked around the darkened room, my legs were cramped and sore as if I'd been stuck in one place for too long, I cringed slightly and found myself walking past the door to the branch off bathroom.

I don't know, maybe I was thinking more in that small hope that I could shower and then crawl back into bed in place of that pillow, plus I uhm... don't know what time it is? Yeah that's the real reason, I just don't want to wake anyone else up. Yup.

Next to the bathroom there was a wardrobe that I quietly sifted through and I pulled out a white button down and a pair of silky black boxers -because you know that totally goes together- then I tiptoed my way into the bathroom, not turning on the light until I had the door clicked shut. I took a deep breath and placed the borrowed clothes down next to the sink where I looked at my reflection.

Jeez I was a wreck.

The marks on my neck were surprisingly dark, almost black and I actually had to give my sister some props for strangling the way she did. Sighing I didn't even bother to look comment on the next that had become my hair and the slight oil that had collected on it, I shuddered once more to think I was anywhere close to Alexander looking like this.

Sighing and forcing myself to concentrate with a a very much unneeded focus on peeling my clothes away I tried to keep my mind off of the crazy Piano Man and how I'd left him all alone again. I kept my eyes up on my reflection and noticed that my eyes weren't blood shot and someone had at some point removed my contacts, I can only pray that it was Scarlet and Alexander didn't do it. I don't know why but that just felt really personal.

As the sweats fell to the ground I couldn't help but grin at the small hulk band-aids covering my right knee, I'm guessing they belonged to Zander and he'd tried to help bandage up the few cuts I'd gotten from all the scrapes of the day. Most of them just side affects from fighting with Adam, but a few of them -like the road scraps on my knees- must have been earned on the way to Scar's. Granted it's mostly a blur I'm glad to say just chucks are missing and I'm not completely blank like with the party, which is strange but also a relief at the same time. Taking a deep calming breath I looked back up from my legs and was glad to say I only cringed a little at the overall naked girl starring back at me.

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(P.27) ~In Her Soul


Ian Somerhalderas Alexander
Amanda Stenbergas Rebel
Taylor Swiftas Scarlet/Scar
Colton Haynes as Adam
Colton Haynes as Jared
Ed Westwickas Vincent
Jessica Stamas Alora
Zach Roerigas Hunter/Green

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