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Liam Payne (dirty)


“Okay bye [Y/N],” your mom tells you as your dad goes to start the car. “We’ll be back late tonight. There’s money for pizza. Don’t stay up too late even though it’s Friday!”

She pecks your cheek and leaves for the car as well. Your 18 year old brother walks over and says, “Mom and dad don’t trust you alone so a friend of mine is going to be here any minute-“

Ding dong.

You both turn to the door and he walks over to it. He opens the door and you gasp as Liam walks in.

You only have like the biggest crush on him and have for quite awhile now.

“Liam,” your brother grins. “Thanks for coming man. You’ll be babysitting [Y/N] until very late tonight. I have to go now but I owe you man. Bye.”

He leaves and closes the door. Liam opens his mouth but you interrupt him.

“I don’t need a babysitter,” you blush. “It’s just my parents..”

“Yeah I know,” he chuckles. “At your age you don’t really need a babysitter. I’ll just be here in case you need me.”

You nod and go about to your business. You were planning on taking a shower and you stick to it.

You go into the bathroom, turn on the shower and wait for it to be the right temperature. You strip down and get in the shower.

You sing in the shower like usual but not as loud so Liam can’t hear you.

After you finish your shower, you wring your hair, get out and go to the towel rack but see there’s no towels.

You groan and go to the door. You peep your head out and call out, “Liam?”


“Can you get me a towel please?” you wince. “They’re in the closet beside the bathroom downstairs.”

“Be right up,” he replies.

You wait a few minutes before you hear the footsteps. Liam walks in and you gasp as your eyes go wide.

Liam notices you’re naked and he quickly covers you in the blanket. You wraps it around you tightly and looks deeply into your eyes as his cheeks flush.

“I’m sorry [Y/N],” he stammers. “I guess I wasn’t thinking…”

You shrug as if it’s no big deal and smile. He smiles back and starts walking away.

“Whoa that’s a hot body,” he mutters under his breath.

Your jaw practically drops to the ground and you’re shell-shocked.

“What did you say?” you gasp, wanting to hear it again.

He turns around and that’s when you notice his boner. You giggle to yourself and he quickly covers his lower area. His cheeks turn red and you find he’s so adorable.

“Umm,” he stutters. “I said you have a hot body…”

You smile a bit and Liam’s still blushing. 

“You’re always hot,” he mutters under his breath

This is news to you. You’re completely shocked. You walk over to him and look deeply in his brown eyes.

He looks down at your lips and leans in slowly. You do the same and your lips connect. You close your eyes and kiss him back tenderly.

He wraps his arms around your waist and you wrap your arms around his neck. You press your body against his so your towel won’t fall.

The kiss gets more heated and Liam gently slips his tongue in your mouth.

He tugs on your towel and you let him take it off. He pulls his lips away from yours and looks deeply into your eyes.

“Is this okay, if we … you know?” he blushes.

You nod slowly and he smiles. You run your hands over his grey shirt and take it off. You see his abs and groan to yourself; he’s been teasing you ever since that day you saw him shirtless with those abs.

Your hands trace the outline of them and he bites his lip. You bring your hands down to his pants and gently take them off. You can see his hard member through his boxers and you smirk lightly.

He presses his lips back down on yours passionately and you kiss him back; running your fingers through his soft hair.

He presses his body against yours and you shiver. You’re still cold and wet from the shower so his body heat feels nice against your cool skin.

His hands travel down to your bum and he gently grabs onto it. You giggle a bit and your hands go down to his boxers. You run your hands over his hard-on once over the boxers

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