Wearing Nothing But A Smile ;)


"You know each other?" joel asked slightly shocked. 

"yeah, we went to high school together" i said, hate in my voice

"why do i get the feeling you weren't best friends?" joel said sarcastically

"because baby, hayley here was always jealous of me because i was the popular one and she didn't have many friends bless her" becky stated in her annoyingly evil voice.

"jealous?! why would i be jealous of a vain, boyfriends stealing, slutty cow?"

"wait, becky stole your boyfriend?" andy said, looking rather amused with the entertainment and drama, as were the others.

"yeah, my boyfriend of 2 years. and i caught them having sex in the girls bathroom."

"classy" ryan said sarcastiaclly.

"exactly, that's just becky all over. you know she used give the math teacher head to get her levels up because she was too busy flirting with the sixth formers to study." i stated while everyone including joel looked shocked.

"is this true?" joel asked her,

"well yes but that was the old me, i would never do that now, i love you baby." she said, with every word wrapping him around her little finger.

"well even though she did do that, that was in high school we've all grown up and changed." joel defended her

"oh my god, look at how much your wrapped around her finger!,"i argued, "you know what never mind i've only just met you i'll just leave"

"no stay, please?" ryan asked me with puppy dog eyes. "urgh fine," i groaned.

dinner was awful, becky constantly took jabs at me and was all over joel not letting him even talk to anyone else. i hated becky. she was the school slut and slept with any guy that would go near her, yet all the boys drooled over her because she had big boobs and was blonde. i didnt know what she had against me, any chance she got she would try and make my life a misery. she stole my boyfriend, got me in detention countless times for things i hadn't even done and made fun of me infront of every one. what did joel see in her? i honestly didn't think he would be the type to go for big boobed, slutty, attention seeking whores.

although, despite having becky there, i did get to know olivia, hannah, adam and andy better, they were lovely. and ryan was already like a best friends even though i'd known him for about 6 hours. we just had all the same tastes in music, films and hobbies. and we had the same sense of humor.

after we had all been stuffed with about 20 pizzas, we decided to call it a night and head home. i exchanged numbers with everyone, except for joel obviously because he wasn't allowed to look at me let alone have my number according to becky. so we all got in the van and it dropped oliva off first, then hannah, then becky then me. when i was about to leave, joel got out the van and walked up to me.

"sorry about becky, she can just be a bit protective" he said

"more like controlling" i said truthfully

"well anyway, i'll get your number off rhino, it was nice meeting you and thanks for the photos"

"no problem and yeah just text me then i'll have your number. bye nice meeting you too" i said and he walked off into the van and i drove away as i opened the door to my flat. i called sarah's name but there was no reply, she must be at her mum's. i decided to put the original footloose on and then footloose(2011) on since they were my fave movies. halfway through footloose (2011) i got a text from an unknown number. i opened it and it said "i told you i'd get your number ;) had a great time tonight we all have to do it again soon!" i saved the number as 'joel' and text back "yeah it was fun and we should definately do it again!" i then text ryan "hey ry, it was great tonight, even better when slut bag left! x" almost instantly i got one back saying "yeah haha she annoys the fuck out of all of us but we can't say anything becuase joel's our friend :/ x" i replied with "yeah i guess. anyway i'm off to bed , night babes ;) x"

well, today was eventfull... i thought as i fell asleep.

tell me what you thought and don't forget to vote! i'll update soon xx

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