Freedom's Curse

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Running. Heart pounding. I continue to run. I run away from my past in Kantrel. Last thing I know is I'm being chased by them. The " things" that took my parents away from me. I turn around to see 5 or 6 more behind me. After running for hours, they leave. I was way to fast for them.

I walk for a day or two and notice a small town in the middle of the forest.  I really need food and shelter!I walk over to a guy selling water. " Hi is their anyway I could get so- " I'm cut off by a loud scream from a nearby building. " What is that? " I call to the guy selling the water. I see a girl about my age run out of the building. She is screaming a name I can"t quite make out. I dash towards the building seeing if anyone is inside. Up on the top floor stands a dark haired woman. Before I can help her out the building explodes.

I instantly feel a pain in my leg. I look around to see the little girl. She was still calling a name. I know that name it was- it was mine! I can't really hear her but I know she is calling for me. " Marie! !! " She wailed rushing over to me. " Who are you? " I questioned. " I'm Trinity, I was sent on a mission to find you. My parents were taken too." I get up, even though the pain in my leg in so strong. I reach into my bag and pull out a medic kit my mom gave me. Trinity offers to wrap my leg and I don't refuse.


" So, have you traveled in this forest before?" Trinity asks. " Yeah, my dad used to take me hunting here" I say limping in front of her. The wind started to pick of the Autumn leaves of the ground. I loved being in this forest. It was like a second home for me. Trinity leaps behind me, her blond curls bouncing up and down on her shoulders. " Sooo," She says " were are we going? "

Just then, something run past us.  It stops right in front of us. It was one of "them". I use my telekinesis powers to shoot a tree in their direction. Trinity pulls out her crossbow and starts shooting at them.  After fighting all of them fall to the ground. Did we win? " You guys shouldn't have come here." says a voice. I can't see anything because the sun is setting over the forest. " Who are you??" Trinity calls. A girl with maroon red hair and dark brown eyes walks out of the shadows.

" I'm Scarlett " She says. I knew what she was. Her parents gifted her with a great power. Blood bending.

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