Puppet Master

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They are amazing works of art.

They do as they are told.

They obey my every command.

Soon you will too.

Bones will break.

Tears will be shed.

Screams will be uttered.

But none of this will be seen or heard.

I feel your blood run.

Between my fingers it pours.

A smile crosses my face as you shake and shiver.

You fear has almost as much power of you as I do.

Bloody veins will make wonderful strings.

Your blood stains my hands and your hair.

Puddles of blood clutter the floor.

My boots have the liquid caked to the sole.

You dance as I desire.

You walk as commanded.

You stand as demanded.

Your every move is elegantly choreographed.

My very own marionette.

My puppet.

My creation.

You are mine.