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May The Best One Win

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A/N You Guys Are Freaks. I Got Plenty Of Likes On The Last Chapter. I Should Do Sex Scenes More Often


Drew's POV

I woke up to see Nicole in my arms. I smiled at her sleeping figure. She looked so happy, I wish she always looked happy. She's beautiful, when her face is bright with content.

Nicole has the type of beauty to make any nigga do a double take. I was proud, when she gave me everything; All of her. I just had to mess it up.

I sighed heavily as I let my thoughts drift to our past relationship. Despite my actions, I truly loved her. I've never loved anyone apart from myself. At the time I didn't know how to love or express it. I also didn't want to let go of my player ways.

I regret every wrong I ever did to Nicole. She was my everything. I just didn't realized it, until I got home that night and saw that she wasn't bluffing. She actually left.

Yes I still messed around, but I was celibate for six months. When I realized I fucked up and she was gone, I got with different chicks.

I broke up Bonnie and Clyde due to my ignorance and selfish behavior. It's my fault. All I can do is help her and keep my distance. I can't risk hurting her.

I fell back to sleep with my mind cleared up a little.


I woke to the smell of food. As if on cue my stomach growled. Nicole was gone so I'm assuming she's the one cooking.

I slipped out of bed and pulled my boxers back on. I stretched and started my walk downstairs to the kitchen.

When I got down there my lower area stirred at the sight of Nicole bent over with just a little rob on. She clearly had on no panties. Her bent over made me bite my lips as I thought of a few of the positions we did just hours ago.

I silently walked to her and spanked her ass hard. She squealed and turned around. She gave me a glare that could make any grown man piss his pants. Me? I'm amused.

"What the hell Drew?" She asked. She was mad, but if I know Nicole like I know I do, she liked it.

"Well you had it out there. I was just touching what's mine."

I smirked and watch her finish doing whatever she was doing before I interrupted her.

"What are you cooking babygirl?" I asked, while wrapping my arms around her from behind. She fit in my arms perfectly. Call it cliché all you want. It's true.

"I'm making-"

She was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Shit.

She looked at me wide eyed. She knew what I knew. We can't be seen together. She mouthed for me to go to the closet in the hallway. I did exactly that.

When I closed the door, I was consumed in darkness. I listened to her conversation. It sounded like Naomi.

"Hey Naomi. What are you doing here?"

"I came to see how you were doing. Are you still sick?"

Sick? She don't seem sick to me. Especially the way she put it down this morning. I bit my lip at the thought, but quickly shook it from my head so I could listen to the conversation.

"I'm fine. Just a little virus. Nothing major." Lie. She was lying. I can tell by her voice. Maybe she faked sickness?

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Chris Brownas Andrew (Drew)
Lauren Londonas Nicole
Pooch Hallas Dre
Gabrielle Unionas Naomi
Kelly Rowlandas Shay
Columbus shortas Malik

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