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Liam Paynes adopted Daughter


Darcy's P.O.V

"So she will live with you all?" Andy, my caretaker asked.

"Yes but she will be a Payne but will stay over all of our homes" Liam smiled.

Well to catch you up I'm currently being adopted by THE ONE DIRECTION! I'm a huge fan of them!

"Yes well that's fine sign here and she can come with you tomorrow." Andy said as she placed paper in front of him.

Andy was fat and old she was a horrid lady and seemed quite glad to get rid of me.

She's a stupid old bat.

"All is clear Darcy I pronounce you a Payne!" Andy said happily for once. Yeah happy to get shot of me!

"Awesome, El, Dani and I will pick you up tomorrow and take you back to the one direction house so you can live with us all first to see how you like it" Perrie smiled.

I nodded and she gave me a hug.

I can't believe I hugged Perrie it's rather embarrassing she looked at my wrist and spotted my 'I LOVE LITTLE MIX!' bracelet.

"cute bracelet. " she smiled hugging me again.

"I'm a huge little mix fan, I'm trying not to scream like a little girl at the moment" I said truthfully.

One room with you and your idol and they just hugged you? Yeah you try not to scream

"well that's alright love! glad you're a fan!" she said happily.

"we have to go but we will pick you up tomorrow do a little shopping with you and then back home showered and changed for dinner out!" Dani said hugging me

I got a hug from everyone of the guys and they all said "welcome to the family!" Or something along those lines.

Lastly Liam.

"I'll see you tomorrow Darce" he said hugging me

Dani awwwwwed in the background

"bye D-Liam" I almost called him dad and hes been my legal parent for about five minutes STUPID BRAIN

He smiled really big and hugged me tighter

"you can call me dad" he said softly

'Liam honey your crushing our daughter" Dani said

"wow I love saying that HEY ELEANOR LIAM WAS CRUSHING OUR DAUGHTER OMG I LOVE SAYING I HAVE A DAUGHTER!!" Dani yelled at the top of her lungs.

"see ya tomorrow dad" I said waving him out. ..

Now I go pack!

Perries P.O.V

Aww Darcy looks so cute when she is sleeping.

"WAKE UP!!" I yelled jumping on her skinny little body

Damn I need to get some food In her

"wh-wh-what?" she asked.

Her eyes widened as she saw me

I love our fans

"wow so I guess it wasn't a dream" she said quietly

"a dream?" I asked getting off of her bed

"yeah I thought getting adopter by THE Liam Payne hugging one direction meeting you! I thaugh it was dream" she sounded..... Releaved

"and I couldn't be happier it wasn't a dream" she stood up and hugged me

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