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As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

Dedicated to

Author's Note:

I dedicate this chapter by two of my adorable and loving fans @agentyellowish and @justinlovescaren...

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Caren's POV


As I arrived home, I saw my dad in the couch snoring while the television was on. I silently closed the door then headed to his direction. I turn off the television then kissed dad in the forehead. I then moved swiftly and silently upstairs so that I wouldn't wake up dad then headed inside my room.


I put down my bag then went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went to my closet and put my PJs on then I went to the study table to get my laptop. I turn on my laptop then logged in my Twitter account. 


"@justinbieber I have so much fun in the concert!" I tweeted then logged out my account and headed to my bed.


"Haaaayyy.... I can't believe I bumped into Justin Bieber tonight!" I mumbled then giggled.


"hhhhhmmmm.." I said quietly then shut my eyes.




The sound of a large knock was banging by my door that woke me up. I sat on my bed while my hair is all frizzy and messy.


"Who the heck is that?!" I exclaimed angrily.


"JUSTIN BIEBER IS DOWNSTAIRS! You should prep up right now!" Dad replied angrily. 


"Wait, WHO?!" I asked excitedly. 


"JUSTIN BIEBER!" Dad exclaimed. "Get your lazy bum and prepped up then go downstairs!" Dad added.


"YES! I will!" I replied then giggled. I stand up and headed to the bathroom. I looked for my towel and seem that it was nowhere to found.


OMG! What is Justin Bieber doing here?


"Where is my freaking TOWEL?!" I muttered. As soon as I found my towel by the back door, I got myself in the shower then putted my striped shirt on and black pants on with my white converse. I put some light make up on then brushed my long curly hair. I got out of my room then trudged down the stairs.


I saw Justin Bieber wearing a black Baseball tee paired with black pants with his black supra. Damn! He's freaking hot!


"Hi Justin!" I greeted. Justin Bieber looked at me with curiosity, "Where's your baggage?" Justin asked.


"Baggage?" I mumbled. Justin Bieber shook his head, "It's February 13!" Justin exclaimed.  Wait! Is that today?! Fudge! Right, Justin Bieber's Believe concert was held on February 12. 


"OH?! Is that today?" I asked. Justin Bieber shook his head again, "Yes, it's today!" Justin Bieber exclaimed.


"RIGHT! I'll just get my stuff." I muttered. Awkward! I don't even know that it was today!


 I moved swiftly in my room then get some stuff that is good for 1 Week. Damn! My heart is beating so fast. I looked for my passport and my plane ticket. As soon as I found it I putted it inside my Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. I zipped my luggage bag then trudged downstairs.


 Dad helped me carry it; I saw Justin Bieber stood up while texting then looked at me. As soon as I was in the Salas, he grabbed my luggage then headed outside. 


I looked at my dad, “Bye Dad!" I said while smiling. He gave me poker face look, "Be Careful and don't be wild as you are, and don't forget my GIFTS. Okay?!" dad muttered then gave me a kiss on the forehead.


"I won't forget. Bye dad! See you next week!" I said then smiled at him. I gave my little brother and sister a goodbye kiss. "Bye Caren. Enjoy your vacation with my twin brother Justin Bieber." my little brother joked.


I laughed at his joke, "I will. Bye!" I said then headed outside. I saw Justin Bieber waiting for me in the car. He was really waiting for me impatiently. I smiled at him before I got in the car and he smiled back. 


On our way to the airport, we weren't talking to each other throughout the trip. As soon as we arrived at the Airport, Kenny, Justin's bodyguard opened the door for us. Justin got out of the car first and I came out second. Justin gets our luggage at the trunk then closed it. There are screaming fan girls everywhere in the airport especially the entrance to the airport's building.

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Chapter 2: Passenger's Seat with Justin Bieber


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