Chapter 16: Quarrels and SEX?!

By: Amira Kazuki



Kath just vanished infront of me, with full of tears from her face. My heart feels like crushing into million pieces, the girl that I'm supposed to spend my whole time with is now gone. She's gonna  hate me forever and It's all Donna's fault! Aish!!!! I don't care If she won't talk to me nor face me, Whatever happens, I must go..  I moved and was about to run 

"Let her be,Dude. She needs some time alone."  Enrique stopped me by my shoulder.

"YOU! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY KATH?!?!  F*CK!!!!!!!!!" I punched him hard, making him drew backwards. 

"Me?! TCH! What about you?! Didn't you just break her heart because you "make love" with your  EX-GF?! F*ck you!!!"  

"That's not true!!! Nothing happened!! Right, Donna?!" I turned around, waiting for some affirmation coming from her but she just smiled.  There's something about her smile that made me comfortable.

"But.......You enjoy it...." Donna smirked at me.


"See?! I knew it! There's something going on between you and her!!!" Enrique twisted my collar, pushed me hard on the wall and punched me on my stomach. Making me cough some blood.

"Talking about yourself?! You and Kath, are on the same room?!! Don't Shit with me, Dude!!"  I grabbed his shoulder and  gave him multiple punches. 

"ENOUGH!! LISTEN YOU TWO! The reason why Quen's in Kath's room because I asked him to switch places with me for awhile. Sorry! Ok?" Julia butted in, trembling.

"She's right. We just wanted to be together. We didn't mean for this to happen" Diego comforted his girlfriend.

Little by little, We've come to our senses. What a pity reason. That's right.  This is not the right time for this. 

"Moreover...We need to find Kath... and.. confront Donna"  Julia said with a concerned look.

"Ok. I'll look for Kath" I said to them as I kept on running without knowing where to go.

"I'll go after Donna". Enrique went to his room to get dress before going to look for her.



"Thanks for making love to me, D. I enjoyed it". Donna hugged DJ infront of  us. Worst. Infront of me.

For some reason, I couldn't breathe...It's as If my heart stopped beating, It's as If everything turns blurry. Yes, Blurry... I didn't realize that I was already crying until i could feel my eyes began to hurt so much and my cheeks are already wet. DJ looked at me with those apologetic clueless look and all I can say for now is............................


 With this said, I run off as far as I can. I can't face him, Not now. With just one look, I'll be crying like a river.. My tears won't just stop, my feet began to sore from all that running so I decided to stop and rest underneath an oak tree, facing the lake. Tonight, the full moon shines brightly, reflecting its light to the water and yet.. Here I am sad and heartbroken? Tch. Don't be pathetic,Kath.