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“Louis? Lou, we’re ho-...” What the hell. The minute I walked into Louis’ and mine shared appartment I froze. Niall who was right behind me bumped into me. “What the actual fuck?” He gasped as he saw what I saw. The whole hallway was covered in articles about Niall and I, on the walls, on the floor and even on the ceiling.


“Harry Styles spotted in jewelry shop.”


“Is Harry Styles proposing to toy boy Niall Horan?”


I immediately ripped that one of the wall and ripped it into pieces. I scoffed, toyboy, sick people. We slowly made our way through the hall, our eyes roaming every article they could find. It were all articles about us and our relationship. It looked like we’ve been front page news ever since we arrived in Ireland, there were that many articles and pictures that there wasn’t any inch of clean space left.


I opened the door to the kitchen where we soon found the other three boys sitting around the island hidden behind a newspaper.


“Are Harry Styles and Niall Horan engaged?”


“So? Is it true?” Louis spoke as he layed the paper down on the counter. Niall nodded slowly and showed his left hand. I could see that he didn’t know if he should smile or not. “We wanted to tell you guys before the media found out but it looks like we failed at that.” I stared awkwardly at the floor. “I even had my hand in my pocket to not show the ring the whole damn trip.” Niall said annoyed. “We wanted to tell it to you personally and not over phone because this is something big, you know? I’m sorry it leaked though.” I sighed in defeat.


“When is the big day?” Zayn asked. I looked up to see his face but it didn’t hold any expression. “We haven’t discussed that yet but it isn’t going to be very soon.” I said and Niall nodded in agreement.


“Are we invited or do we have to find out in the newspapers if you said yes or not?” Liam asked and my eyes widened. “Of course you are invited, I want you guys to be involved in the wedding and I’m absolute sure Niall wants that as well.” I exclaimed.


“Good.” Louis stood up and made his way to our livingroom with Zayn and Liam on his heel. I felt Niall’s soft hand brush over mine and I took the hint and laced our fingers together as we walked over to the other boys. I squeezed his hand, reassuring him of something I wasn’t even sure about. I was incredibly nervous to be in the same room as Louis, Zayn and Liam. It was the first time I felt actually anxious to be around them. Were they happy for us? Were they mad at us because we didn’t hide it enough? Were they dissapointed in us because we didn’t involve them in our plans?


“Boys?” I nearly whispered as I opened the door to the living room.


“SURPRISE!” They all yelled in unison as they popped open confetti cans and threw us in a giant bear hug. “We had to make sure you were actually engaged because otherwise this would’ve been awkward.” Louis pointed at the banner on the wall.


“Congratulations Niall and Harry!”


“You dicks!” Niall yelled and I glared at him for swearing. “Sorry.” He smiled a small smile as he understood what I meant. “But seriously! I was on the edge of throwing up, I was so scared that you were mad at us and wanted to break up the band or something.” He said in a shaky breath. “Oh my God I need to sit down.” He leaned on me as I led him to the couch.


“Don’t be stupid, Nialler.” Liam ruffled my blonde’s hair. “We love you two to bits.” He smiled warmly before Louis interrupted. “And besides, if we broke up, our careers would be ruined and I would drink myself to death because I have to sell my Porsche.” I rolled my eyes head him. “Thanks for caring.”


Niall told the boys excitely how I proposed, from how I wasn’t there the afternoon I was picking out a ring to the moment he said yes. The boys were on the edges of their seats, cheering and clapping at the excitement of my fiancé. “Really? I never knew he was so romantic!” Louis threw an arm around my neck as I entered the room with cookies and tea. “Are you sure you want to marry Niall?” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

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Chapter Twenty-Six

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