Sofia tells me how she got lost.I try to calm her down and help her get up.

 “I have GPRS in my phone so we can find our way out. So don’t worry !”,I tell looking at her scared face.

“ok I umm…hope so..” ,she replies nervously .

just then she took out her phone and it was so old and outclassed I started to laugh

“ha ha ha! That’s your phone its  so old?? “ I told her laughing.

“I cant help it, umm.. my  parents didn’t trust me to bring my blackberry so I bought this instead” ,she tells me .

Just then we hear a sound and my phone drops from my hand and I see it fall, broken into pieces on the forest floor .

“HA HA! Serves you right for laughing at my phone ! “ she says hotly and it makes me so angry I just grab her hand thightly and say “drop it! .”  

“but uhh..let go of my hand it really hurts “ she says with fear in her eyes.

I hold her hand more tighter and she drops the phone .

She moves away from me and I could sense the fear in her eyes. She was so scared. I should never have done that. I started to feel guilty and I went near her she started to move away then she fell down. I rushed towards her and saw that her lip was cut and was bleeding. Just then it started to rain. The situation couldn’t get any worse….