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Malec (Mortal Instruments Fanfic)


This is a Magnus and Alec fanfiction! If you don't know what this is, don't read it... Enjoy! I do not own the Mortal Instrument series, if I did, MAGNUS AND ALEC WOULD STILL BE TOGETHER!



     The sun was breaking out in colors of pink, red, and yellow as the time read 7:33 for Alec. Over three months had gone by since his breakup with Magnus, and he was miserable. He hated it, and he missed his warlock, but he knew what he did was wrong. He wanted to take it back, oh did he want to take it back. He loved Magnus, so much it hurt, and being without him was just agony. He was walking on the streets of New York, his hands in his pockets as it drizzled lightly. He walked on the edge of the street, his head hung and his eyes sorrowful. In the early weeks, he had taken it fine, now he noticed how hard it was to live without him.

     The news of Camille's death was no surprise to him. He would have rather she be killed by his own hands, but her death matters not to him who killed her. Just the knowledge that she walks no longer was comfort to him. He snickered a little, imagining how a little girl so young, could kill great Camille Belcourt. 

     Not watching where he was going, the curb ended, and he continued to walk, standing in the middle of the street of a four way intersection, and a car whizzing down the road, not looking like it was to stop. Alec turned his head for a spilt second, before realizing where he was and lunged forward, the car just barley missing him as he tucked and rolled for a few seconds. He stopped abruptly, his back hitting the thick lamppost on the sidewalk. The rain had begun to come down much harder, leaving Alec soaking wet with his hoodie up over his sleek black hair. He sighed, standing back up, his jeans chaffing from the wetness in spots that didn't need to be chaffed. 

     That whole night, his mind was all on Magnus, nothing else, not even where he was going. After hours in the rain, he found himself on the edge of town. He lifted his head, looking around, until he heard a voice. "So alone..." It said, and he turned his head in the direction of it, holding his stele which he had taken with him. 

"Who's there?" He called out, all thoughts of his ex-boyfriend out of his head and more of defending himself. A young girl, not Marueen, but younger, stepped out of a dark alleyway, a curious look on her face. 

"You look so alone mister. Do you need a friend?" The little girl asked in a small, quiet high pitched voice. Alec lowered his stele, placing it back in its sheath in his jeans. He sighed once again, staring at the ground.

"No, now go home or something..." He told her, but that made her step closer, until she put a small hand on his face. 

"Come with me, mister, do you want Magnus back?" She asked, to his surprise and shock. He looked up, staring at her.

"How do you-" He started, but she stopped him with her hand. 

"No time for questions, do you want him back?" She asked again, and Alec thought for a moment, before nodding.

"More then anything." He said, and she took his hand, more specifically index finger because she couldn't grasp his hand. She lead him into the alleyway, where a portal was waiting for him. He was surprised by it, but decided not to question it. If this little girl could help him get Magnus back, he would do anything to do so...


     Magnus sighed, his eyes on the three balls of color changing light hovering in front of his face. His black hair was down, and completely black. He had showered out every single color in his hair, and had scrapped the color off his nails. He had a glass in his hand, inside it being a flat coke that he had set out on the table a week ago, and never drank. He thought he was loosing his mind, it was just to quiet and empty without Alec, but he knew he couldn't get him back.

What he did was wrong, and he doesn't deserve me. He thought to himself everyday, but today he decided to argue about that.

But I need him... I'm so alone, I've never been this alone.

But he did something unforgivable, you don't need him. Go with a pretty girl this time, settle down with her, maybe another warlock.

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