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One Direction Boyxboy One-Shots


Umm... Sooo... I dont know hat to say about this one. I really didnt mean for it to get this dirty. It was supposed to be alll fluff... but now i guess its.... all smut... and im sure Liam's really not like this in real life... though it would be incrediably sexy if he was... LLN. ;)




Narrators POV

Everyone knows that Louis and Liam are complete and total opposites. Louis was fun loving, a trouble maker, and never could take anything seriously. Liam on the other hand was Daddy-Direction, the one who watched out for the other boys, the one who had all their ducks in a row. Liam liked order, he liked being in control, Louis liked being spontaneous, and doing everything he could to disrupt the order. That’s why when Louis and Liam came out to the boys, everyone was shocked. Especially when they had been with Danielle and Eleanor for so long. Everyone questioned Louis sexuality to begin with, but Liam? He was straight as a mother-loving arrow. OR everyone thought that. One thing Liam had learned over the years they had been together was that you could never guess what Louis would do next.

“LOUIS! WHAT DID YOU DO?” Liam yelled one afternoon as he came in to their flat, seeing their kitchen covered in icing and cake batter. Louis smiled at him.

“I was hungry. But the mixer wasn’t working right.” Louis said in an innocent voice trying to make Liam forgive him.

“Louis… just go.” Liam snapped grabbing a wet towel, starting to wipe down the icing.

“No… I’ll help you Li… It’s my fault anyway.” Louis said grabbing another towel, sending his boyfriend a smile.

“NO LOUIS!” Liam yelled losing his temper. He didn’t lose control often, but it scared the shit out of Louis when he did. Liam saw the scared look on Lou’s face, and he sighs, “Just go watch the tele, you’ll just end up making a bigger mess.” Louis looked down, looking like a little boy who’s just been told he couldn’t have a cookie. He nods slightly then leave the kitchen to go to the living room. Liam watches him go, feeling bad for loosing his temper, but when he turned around and saw the mess Louis made his guilt left. Liam shook his head going to clean up the mess.


An hour later Liam emerged from the kitchen, covered from head to toe in batter. Louis was staring at the tv, where Toy Story was playing. Lou turned to look, smiling.

“Li, Toy Story’s on! Do you want to watch it with me?” Louis asked. Liam glares at him, taking off his shirt and unbuttoning his trousers. He picks up his batter covered close, turning and taking them to the laundry room in nothing but his briefs. Louis licked his lips, admiring his boyfriend’s sexy body. “So do you want to watch it?” Louis said louder.

“No, Louis…” Liam snapped, turning to the stairs to go to their loft styles bed room. That room better be clean, Liam thought to himself, or I will lose it. The bedroom was Liam’s quiet place. That was the understanding. Louis could wreck any part of the house he wanted, he could be loud and crazy any place he wanted, but if he was loud in their room, and if he wrecked it, Liam would go crazy. The only exception to being loud and wrecking their room was if they were… you know… doing things to each other.

Liam walked upstairs to find his room spotless, just like he’d left it. He smiled to see that Louis had even made the bed for once. Liam had left around eight that morning to go play golf with Niall and Harry. Louis wasn’t allowed on the golf course by the country club after he wrecked a golf cart into a lake.

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Niall Horanas Niall
Harry Stylesas Harry
Louis Tomlinsonas Louis
Liam Payneas Liam
Zayn Malikas Zayn

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