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"Everyone this is Emma our new student! Why don't you say hello to everyone?"

"Uh. Hi" This school was weird. Everyone and everything was weird.

"Have a seat.",she commanded, then went on with whatever she was talking about. I sat down next to Kim. She was my childhood friend. Those friends that you just can't let go of. She knew everything about me. Almost everything...

"Hey Emma!",she mouthed with a wave.

"Hi.", I said after sitting down.

"I'm so lucky!", she said with a big smile.

"Yeah Ha ha"


After class Kim decided to walk down the halls with me.

"What"s with the bandage?", she said while poking my face.

"I got in a fight yesterday. I was beaten pretty bad."

"Emma you need to stop! One day you'll get seriously hurt!"

"No way. Besides it helps me let out my anger against my dad."

"Your dad?"

"Yeah. Ever since Mom left Dad hasn't done anything. I have to pay all the bills and take care of my sister."

"That's horrible..."

"It's not th-", before I even got to finish what I had to say I crashed into someone and papers were flying everywhere. "Ow..", I said while rubbing the back of my neck.

"Hey watch where your going!", Kim yelled at the person, getting ready to punch him.

"Ugh 3rd time this week", that person said. It was a blond boy, he looked aggravated... "O-oh I'm sorry! It was my fault!"

"No! Uh.. I wasn't looking! Let me help you." ,I said while picking up his papers. "Here"

"Thanks. I got to go now", he said and walked away.

"Wait! What's your- ... name."

Kim popped out of no where. "Whoa! What was that?"

"It was nothing. I was just helping him!"

"Yeah sure! I saw pure love! Cupid struck his arrow! It's like fate! I can't believe it! You two will marry and-"

"Are you done yet?", I said walking faster.

"W-what? Wait for me!"

Emma's House

"I'm gonna miss you!"

"We're next door neighbors...", I said while walking in the house. "I'm home..."

"Your home! Hey sis! I'm hungry.", she said while tugging my shirt.

"Let make some noodles then."


Few seconds later.. *Stares at microwave* Few seconds later..

"Molly have you seen dad?"

Om Nom Nom "No.. Why?"

"Just wondering."

As soon as Molly hears the door creak she jumps out of her seat and runs to Dad. "Dad! Come have some noodles with us!"

"No sorry... Not now..."

"Come on. Please. For Molly...?", I asked him.

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Avril Lavigneas Emma
Ariana Grande as Kim
Avan Jogiaas Chase
Madison Pettisas Molly
Brad Pittas Dad / Mr. Funicello
Tahj Mowryas Joel
Tia Mowryas Nina
Angelina Jolieas Mom / Mrs. Funicello
Miley Cyrusas Lucy

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