My Mindless Secret [BoyxBoy Love Story]


Once we get to Micky D's, we go through the drive trough and order our food. We eat it in the car and drive to our first destination, the ATV headquaters. When we got there Angala was standing outside waiting on us."What's up guys? I'm Angala. You guys must be Mindless Behavior." she shook our hands. "And their manager, Im guessing?"

Walter shook her hand," Yes. Walter Milsap."

"Nice to meet you." she turned to us. "Alright, let get to work shall we?" We all walked into the building. Angala was holding the door for us. I was the last of us to go into the building. Angala tapped me on the sholder. I looked at her and she was holding back a laugh. "I see someone supper religious." I was supper confused. I guess she saw the look on my face, 'cause her eyes flickered down then back up.

I looked down only to see tha my bulge had gotten bigger. "Dammit." I whistpered.

I started walking until I fill a hand on my sholder. "The bathroom's down the hall to the left." Angala whistpered. I smiled shyly and nodded my head. Ok akward? Weird lady. I passed the bathroom and into the interview room. I felt about a million butterflies having five different circuses in my stomach. It was a youtube video interview. Ugh! WHY OH WHY OH WHY!?!? My life kinda sucks.................NO! VIRGIN THOUGHTS! I cover my ears and squeeze my eyes shut again. I shook my head frantically. "No, no, no ,no, no, no. Virgin thoughts, virgin thoughts." I whistpered to my self. HAHA! Even my life was gay. (Sighs) Oh the irony. I took my hands away from my ears and started laughing. I opened my eyes to see every single eye in the room on me, which only made me laugh more. I was laughing so hard, I fell on the floor. OMG! I CANT BREATHE, I CANT BREATHE! PRINCETON BREATHE, BREATHE! I was on the floor gasping for air, panicing, still being watched. Once I could breathe, I gave the guys and Walter the death glare. "Gee, thanks for the help guys." I said sarcastically.

"You're welcome. Just doin' what we can." Roc said. He had his famous smile on those plump lips of his. Wow, I can really pick 'em, huh.

"Ok guys, let's get started with the interview." Angala said. And that's what happens with all the other interviewers we went to. At 1, we went to Taco Bell by force of Ray Ray. If he didn't get his "taco fix", it would be brutal, like seriously. After lunch, we went to the mall. When we got there, Ray imediately went to Spencers. Roc and Prod went to Lids, and I went to Forever21. I was getting a new pair of sunglasses but didn't find any that I liked. I then went to Icing and found the American Flag sunglasses I had. I went to Clare's after searching Icing and finding nothing. At Clare's, I got a mustash bracelet, a mustache belt and mustache glasses. What? I love mustaches. I then went to HotTopic. I bought a misfit shirt and a booksack. I was walking out the store when I heard and ear pinching scream. Dammit! I've been seen. I start running back to the van. When I get there the door is already open and I get in. I shut the door behind me and sat down trying to catch my breathe.

"Hey. Had enough exercise." I heard from behind me.

"Shut up, Roc." I said between pants. I have no idea how I would get through two months with that boy.


Our show started in 10 minutes. I still had my "little problem" and it was killing me. It hurt so bad. I have to deal with it though. Again. I was pacing the room when I felt warm breath on my neck. I stoped imediatly. I felt big, strong arms wrap around me. I was now panting with fear. The warm breath traveled from my neck to my ear. It only made my problem worse. "Need a lil' help with that." said a deep and raspy voice. That voice sent chills dowm my back. I turn around and meet chocolate brown eyes.

Oh dear. It's...................................


BYE GUYS!!!!!!!!

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