Chapter Three: Catch Up

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My Best Friend's Best Friend

Chapter Three: Catch Up

•.•.• Harry •.•.•

"So boys, how have you been?"

I turned to Louis, indicating that he should start. He took a deep breath.

"It's been great. We've been to Australia, Canada, Mexico, and America. It's been fantastic to be able to do all of this as a job and that we have so many fans supporting us."

"Yeah," I cut in. "The fans are everything. They're why we're where we are."

Collins had a small smile on her face as Louis continued to talk. Her ice blue eyes were lit up with excitement, something I hadn't seen on her face when she picked us up. I knew about her. Louis never shut up about her. He never stopped talking about how beautiful she was or how wonderful her laugh sounded. It was true. She was incredibly stunning, and her laugh gave me butterflies. I don't know why, I just met her. She definitely wants nothing to do with me because of my image pretty much making me sound like a manwhore. Not to mention all the hate she would get. Besides, she had Louis.

•.•.• Collins •.•.•

He was definitely cute. Adorable, actually. The way his eyes lit up when he was excited or when he laughed at something that wasn't even funny, like his jokes. He just sat there, telling stories with his best friend, some of the best times he's had in life. I wanted to lean through the empty space beneath and cuddle up to his strong body. I wanted to run my hands through hair and kiss him every second. I want to be his and him to be mine.

All of my feelings for the past few hours were flooding my mind, making it hard to concentrate. Harry wouldn't want me. I'm just some girl that knew Louis. That Louis forgot.

Why didn't he ever try to contact me? I called and texted once or twice. He didn't reply or answer, but I didn't expect him to. When he left, he didn't promise me anything. He was crying, he was upset, but he promised nothing. He didn't say he wouldn't forget me, he didn't say he would call or text, he didn't even say goodbye. He just hugged me and kissed my forehead before walking to the cab.

"I'm hungry, can we get some food?" I heard a voice say in the distance. "Collins?" They said. "Collins!" It repeated.

"What? What? Sorry." I looked at the two pop stars in front of me. "I was just thinking, is all. What do you want to eat?" I returned a smile to my face as I regained my surroundings.

"Anything is fine. I can make something for the three of us, and your parents if you like." Harry replied kindly.

"Thanks, Harry." I grinned. I checked my phone. I had it in silent and since had 2 new messages. Both from my mother.

hello, darling! I'm going to be out for a bit! lasagna is in the bowls on the counter x

I will be home around 11 order pizza or takeout if you want some dinner or you could make something! see you later x

I read through the texts as the boys watched me. I looked up at them as I finished. "My mum has lasagna downstairs and she's out for a bit. She'll be home later."

They gave each other a look and then said in unison, "Let's eat!" Whatever the look was about, I would just have to forget it. I got up, still wrapped in the blanket, and walked over to the door. I turned to see the boys still on the bed with mad smiles on their faces.

"Come on!" I almost yelled. Harry and Louis immediately got up and followed me out the door.

•.•.• Louis •.•.•