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A Bit of Love Hate (One Direction / Harry Styles)


**soooo we have a had a bigg mix up with how to show the outfits to you guys but now we have figured it out yay! so theres a slideshow at the side of the outfits and if you click on it, you can see it fullscreen :) enjoy the chapter!**

Chapter 17

***Chelsea POV***

My alarm clock buzzed on my bed side table and in my sleepy state I wondered why I would set an alarm for Saturday morning. That was before Adrian burst into my room. “CHELSEA. GET UP!” He screamed as he grabbed a handful of the blanket that I was holding over my head and tugged them off me. “Harry will be here any minute!”

His words instantly reminded me of why I had set an alarm clock and I sat up in bed. Groaning I looked at the time; 8:30 am. I thought Harry said he would pick us up at ten o’clock, what was Adrian going on about? “Harry is picking us up in over an hour!” I complained. This shopping trip with him was all Adrian had been able to talk about ever since I told him a few days ago. I mentally scolded myself for agreeing to go to the stupid ball and for wanting my hyper active best friend to help me shop. Truth be told, I was actually very nervous to go to the ball. It was going to be full of celebrities and I was probably going to be the only non-celeb in the ball room, and just thinking about that made my stomach lurch.

“True. But it’s never too early to start getting ready when you are seeing Harry Freaking Styles!” Adrian informed me, taking me by the arm and leading me to the bathroom. “Shower Chelsea. Meanwhile I will go pick out some clothes for you.” He said before leaving me to stand in front of the bathroom door. For a moment I contemplated falling asleep upright and not having to go through the day but I knew all too well that Adrian would wake me up, so I gave up the idea and stepped into the bathroom.

After a long, cold shower I was wide awake and I walked into my bedroom with a towel wrapped around me. I was now ready to get dressed and face the day. I looked over the clothes Adrian had picked out for me and found them surprisingly casual and cute. I smiled and nodded my head to myself thinking the simple tea pink topshop tank top and white lace shorts made a good outfit to go shopping. That was until I noticed lingerie lay out neatly next to them.

“Adrian!” I called as I examined the matching panties and bra. He hurried to my room and I turned to him. “Why did you pick out my undergarments? And why these?” I asked feeling a bit confused and annoyed as I examined what I called my ‘good underwear’.

He gave me the are-you-stupid look and began explaining himself. “Chels, you are going shopping with Harry…”

“Yes, I know! You’ve been saying that a lot lately!” I interrupted him.

He ignored me and continued. “You’ll be taking off and putting on clothes the whole morning! You never know what could come up. And God forbid he saw you with ugly underwear!” He looked shocked that he even had to explain himself. I gave his statement a quick thought and quickly agreed, deciding that I didn’t want any guy to see me in ugly underwear. “Which reminds me: You better have shaved your legs and… everything else that needs to be shaved!” He said before turning his back and leaving me with a deep blush on my cheeks. Who says that? I thought, Gosh how awkward!


The doorbell rang and I grabbed my stuff before walking to the door. I didn’t rush as I was in no hurry to get this day started. I opened the door and smiled at Harry who looked a bit tired. “Hi!” I greeted him.

“Hey.” He said smiling back before looking behind my shoulder and nodding his head to acknowledge Adrian.

We walked out of the building and into Harry’s car and we headed to another, more expensive, side of London. The ride wasn’t too long and Adrian filled the car with excited chatter for most of the way, asking Harry a bunch of questions about anything and everything. “Is Liam as sweet as I think he is?” He asked as Harry parked the car.

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