Chapter 1

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"Bring her in!" a soldier called through a door, a large wolf was brought in the room with a metal collar around her neck with three chains attached to it. The Fire Lord leaned forward in his throne looking at the wolf curiously, "what is this, I haven't seen an animal like this one before," he said and stood up to take a closer look at the wolf. "This is a Shadow Wolf, they are said to be extinct so we believe this wolf here is the last of the Shadow Wolves. History says that these Shadow Wolves have riders but the wolves choose the rider they want, the people that ride these wolves are called Shadow Riders. Since we caught her travelling alone we believe that she still has yet to choose a rider. They also have the ability to take on a human form," the soldier explained as the Fire Lord ran a hand through the large wolf's fur, "such a beautiful creature," he murmured before glancing at the soldier who had brought the wolf to him, "have you seen her human form?" he asked while returning to his throne. The soldier shook his head, "she refuses to switch to her human form," the Fire Lord stared at the wolf for a bit before smirking, "she can help take over the Four Nations," he decided making the wolf snarl at him. "Put her in a cage for now until I figure out what to do with her," he ordered. The wolf sent the Fire Lord a dangerous glare before being led out of the room.

The three soldiers took the wolf to a big cage and attached the three chains to the inside of the cage, one above her, one to her left and the other to her right and they left to get some food and water for her.

Wolf's POV

As soon as the men left I changed to my human form and easily slipped my head out of the collar they had on me, "stupid humans," I muttered before smirking to myself, getting out of here will be easy. I heard the men coming back so I quickly laid down and closed my eyes, pretending to be unconscious. "Hey, where did the wolf go?" one of the guards asked, "idiot, she's lying in the cage unconcious! That must be her human form," another one said. I heard the lock click as they unlocked the door and stepped in, my eyes snapped open when I felt a hand brush some of my waist long silver hair out of my face. I grinned, showing my pointed teeth and I kicked the man away from me, I easily took out the other two guards and I began to run down hallways. I managed to avoid most of the guards before the Fire Lord stepped out of a room in front of me, my eyes widened before narrowing at him and I jumped, quickly changing back to my wolf form. Realising that I was going to run him over if I had to the Fire Lord quickly dove to the side as I passed him, I burst through the large doors and ran into the city. People started to panic at the sight of a weird creature running through the streets, a line of guards stepped in front of the city gates, blocking my way out. I snarled and ran faster, the soldiers got in a stance and prepared to use their firebending. Before they could do anything I jumped right over them and through the gates, I howled triumphantly and continued to run.

The night was deadly quiet, the only thing I could hear was my heavy breathing and a light thump my paws made as they hit the ground. I kept running until I came up to an Earth Kingdome village, I could smell bread and other kinds of food cooking so I decided to quickly sneak in and get something to eat. Just before I reached the gates I decided to go in my human form that way I won't have any hunters after me. As I walked through the village I got a lot of strange looks from people as they took in my blue animal like eyes and unnatural silver hair. I just ignored them and when right behind a shop and quickly swiped a loaf of bread before running off. I climbed over the village walls and quickly ate my breakfast and continued running in my wolf form. 'You'll have to choose a rider sooner or later,' my mother's words echoed in my head, I shook my head and picked up my pace, 'I don't need a rider,' I think.

At night fall I decided to see if I could find anything to hunt, I was lucky enough to find a baby saber-tooth lion cub by itself. I sniffed at the air to confirm that the mother wasn't nearby and I quickly tackled it and bit into its neck and ran off with its limp body in my jaws before stopping to eat. Once finished I found a big tree to sleep under and drifted to sleep there.