//Short Stories//


Short Story/////////////The picnic at sunrise...

To my Grandfather, who I love so much and I can't bare to even think about you being gone one day...


I walked down the beach looking for my grandfather. My grandfather was 57 years old. Not to old for a grandfather, eh? Anyway I was going to the spot we always sat at for our picnic at sunrise. Every single Summer day. I got up early enough, got ready, and headed towards the beach just in time for sunrise. We sat by a rock, a perfectly shaped rock that I am proud to say God created. Well that is my belief it's okay if you don't have that belief, I don't judge people. So, I finally got there and saw him waiting. Usually I am the one waiting for him but sometimes he gets here earlier.

"Hello grandpa!" I gave him a big hug and he hugged back. I could sense him smiling and I smiled too. We hugged and he let go so I could sit beside him under the plaid blanket we bring because it gets kind of cold out here.

"Hey sweetie. You want a piece of pie, grandma made it yesterday." I nodded and he got out a piece of pie, blueberry to be exact, and gave me a napkin, a fork, and a plate out of his straw picnic basket. He has had it for about 30 years! Everyday he tells me the story of how he got it while we stare at the magnifacent sun rise up above the glorious clouds. I ate half of my pie and he finished it for me since I wasn't that hungry and he was.

"You want to hear the story again?" I understood what he was talking about. He was talking about the picnic story. I nodded and let him continue with the story. "Well, me and grandma were going to the beach in California and we needed a picnic basket. We looked all over, everywhere! They were all sold out then we saw a guy selling picnic baskets for a very cheap price, 00.50! Well, we knew something was up but we bought it anyway. Let me remind you we were very young. So, we used the picnic basket for our secret picnic and threw it away. Then, the police came to our hotel and told us the picnic basket was worth 5,000 dollars! Me and your grandma were shocked, confused, and angry. We tried to find it in the garbage and everthing! It was no use. Then the police found it in a dumpster and gave it to us. So we kept it forever. Have you ever heard that before!?" He laughed and I nuzzled in his arm and muttered a "No.... Other than your story.." giggled then fell asleep.

I just didn't know that my grandpa would fall asleep too, forever..... Right there with me...

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