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Dani Prov

Me and the girls were walking around the mall when I saw RayRay,Prodigy,and Princeton.They shot us a look and started walking toward us,I mind talked the girls and it took a minute but we came up with a plan

Let's go to the far end of the mall

Yeah,nobody hang's there

We betta get going,the boy's getting closer

We gave the boy's our deuces and ran to the far end of the mall,there we hid behind this closed store,we waited and tried to come up with another plan

So what's the plan

Idk,but I know why they gave us that look


Cuz we told them the truth

Poor boy's I know we broke they heart

Ikr,but we couldnt lead them on

Right,that would be more hurtfully than telling the truth

I zoned out the convo cause I could smell human blood coming our way so I told the girls that they were coming and we went invisable and just in time too.Cause at that exact moment the boys rounded the corner,I was talking to the girls and they agreed to hear what they had to say and that if we didnt like what they had to say we would bounce.We waited for a minute a The boy's sat down on the floor right by me and the girls

"I wonder where they went"

"I thought they came over here but who could tell they running at supernatural speed"

"I think their vamp's just look at the facts,they can run really fast,they felt really cold when we grabbed their hands and they have a sweet smell to them,plus their 14'n 15 and have their own motorcycles and houses"

"Yeah,ur right but I like vamp's"

"So do I"

"So do I,it would be fun to have a vampire as a girlfriend but hopefully she doesnt eat me before I ask"

"I wonder why they ran from us"

"Cause they didnt want to deal with the questions we gone ask them"

"Like did yall really mean what ya'll said and why did yall run away from us on our dates"

Man,I had heard enough and was done with being invisable,so I switched back and five seconds later so did the others

"Yall wanted to talk"

"Yeah,were yall invisable the whole time"

"Pretty much yeah now talk"

"Why r yall running away"

"We're not"

"U ran from today and on our dates after yall distroyed our hearts"

"U just cussed me out and acted stubburn then left me there"


"Boy's we have our reason's and we didnt want to lead u guys on"

"I wish u had a"

"But what's the reason's"

"We know yall r vamp's so,that couldnt be the reason"

"It's a childhood secret"

"So it's not meant for u"

"Now we gotta go"

"Ur not going anywhere"

"Whta r u gonna do kidnap us"

"We just might,thanks for the idea"

"Whateva goodbye"walks off

"Bye"taks the girls phones and gives them theirs

Sky Prov

I dont like what Princeton said and I dont have a good feeling about whats bout to go down,I mean what if they really kidnap us they couldnt be like that,could they.I looked for my keys to my motorcycle and pulled them out from my back pocket,I checked to make sure my phone was with me too,just in case the boys switched them.When I felt it in my other back pocket,I released a sigh of relief.I know if the boy's got a hold of our phones,that there would be trouble,first they would find out that we all have a little crush on them from the night of our dates and second they would find out about Fred.I heard someone scream my name and I snapped outta my thoughts


"U okay"


"Cuz we called u and u didnt answer and we couldnt get into ur mind"

"Im fine just thinking to myself must have got caught up in it"

"Oh,okay well lets go"

We hopped on out motorcycles and headed to my house,when we got there,we took our helmets off and walked through the side door,when we got in the house I saw the rest of the girls watching tv,huh weird

"Hey guys"

"Hey,we have new's"

"What Im a witch"

"Im a werewolf"

"Im a fairy"

"And Im a shapeshifter"

"Cool,we're vampires"

"We all r supernatual"

"Yeah,I gues everybody man's except's Dee's
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Danielle Sprullas Dani (vamp)
Skylessas Sky (vamp)
Babydollas BD (vamp)
iLoveMyDimplesas Dee (witch)
Mindlessbehavioras themselves
manilovesprincetonas Gabi (werewolf)
Ella143as Ella (shapeshifter)
ProdsOnlyBabeas Stella (fairy)
MariGettinPaidas Mari
Corahnas himself

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