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My Dream Boy (BoyxBoy)

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My Dream Boy (BoyxBoy) 26: Zombie bites and folded socks

And that's how I slept that night, sandwiched between the two most amazing boys I have ever met, feeling safe and sound again.


I woke up groggily, feeling two silky hands sliding up and down my chest. It made my skin tingle and it felt so incredible good. I smiled, enjoying the feeling of those hands on me, my eyes still closed and heavy with sleep. Then another pair of hands joined in the hand rubbing festival on my innocent sleepy body. It took me a few seconds to realize that this meant there were actually two people fiddling with me here. Not one. Two people. Four hands. Two plus two. The math was undeniable. 

I heard a deep grave chuckle by my side. A male's chuckle. I knew that chuckle very well. I have heard it thousand of times before. How could I not know the chuckle of the guy I have fantasized about for oh, so many years of my life, the chuckle of the boy of my dreams... 

"It's really hard to make him wake up." Matt's deep husky voice came right next to me. "The boy sure loves his beauty sleep hours... but we can't complain, right? Look at him, he's so damn cute!" 

"Maybe we should rub on some more interesting parts of him, to make him wake up faster..." another male voice shoot from the other side of me while his hands started drifting slowly downwards on me. I recognize that voice. The sneer, the sassiness and commanding in his tone. A Worthington's tone. 

I snapped my eyes open to see Matt and Vincent watching me with hungry, lustful bright eyes. Deep blue and forest green staring intently at me.  

"Huh..." I squeaked, trying to figure out if I had died and gone to gay heaven or something. 

"Look, he's awake!" Matt cheered, smiling broadly at me. 

"Finally!" Vince grinned deviously. "I don't know how long I could wait..." he whined, giving me a sexy pout of lips. "We've been touching you 'every-where' to make you wake up, you know." and to prove his point he continued groping my chest and scratching lightly, making me tense all over the place. 

I widened my eyes in complete shock. "R-really?" I squeaked again. "E-everywhere?" I stammered getting suddenly very hot in that bed. 

Vincent gave me a knowing look and smirked mischievously. "Well, not 'everywhere', that special place you are thinking about we were planning to touch after you are conscious enough to enjoy it. Right, Matty?" he asked landing his smoldering green eyes on Matt now. 

"Right." Matt confirmed with a smirk of his own as he also continued touching my chest, my stomach, hips... oh dear god, I really must be in gay heaven! This was too good to be true... unless...  

"Ok, what the hell is going on here? Is this a sick prank you're playing on me? Cus I've gotta tell you two, it's not funny, you know. Not funny at all!" I scoffed indignantly. They should know better than to play with my fragile horny state like that.  

"I told you he was going to be 'difficult'." Matt warned Vincent, who was nodding at Matt knowingly.  

"Maybe we should make something to get him in the mood." Vince suggested, leaning his body over me and reaching his hand to cup Matt's face, resting at the other side of me. 

"Yeah, that could work." Matt agreed, closing in the distance between the two of them and kissing Vincent deeply on the lips.  

I gaped in complete and utter shock at the scene above me. Should I feel outraged? Betrayed? Matt was supposed to be MY boyfriend here! Well, we haven't talked about the 'B' word yet, but it was implied after our talk at the club, right? Or did he just ditch me to be with Vincent now? Is this considered cheating? Even if he wasn't exactly hiding and was doing it right in front of me... but still, I wasn't involved in this. Matt was kissing other boy! Not me! Me, his 'implied' new boyfriend! Was this the reason why I was feeling so pissed right now? Because they just went and left me out like that? Because I sure was enjoying when they both were rubbing themselves on me a second ago... but to be completely honest here, I'm not as much as 'pissed', as I am slightly turned on... two unbelievable gorgeous boys making out in front of me... that was hot as hell! Ok. Fair enough. It's not just 'slightly' turned on. It's a whole damn lot. I'm hot all over watching this. They look so sexy kissing each other. Look at them go... Maybe I should just leave them alone... This is awkward. They look like they want to be alone. I'm gonna just scuttle away slowly and... 

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Francisco Lachowskias Taylor Holmes
Alex Pettyferas Vincent Worthington
Matt Lanteras Matt Moriatti

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