Trying To Resist Her (GirlxGirl)


Alexis P.O.V

After that night in the woods with Shay, I stayed in the house for the rest of the summer; don't worry it was only a couple days. I wish it was more thought seeing as in school was tomorrow, but on a good note I wouldn't see her since there where two schools in our district. "Alexis trainings starting" Scott screamed pulling me out my thoughts. "Alright I'll be down any second" I screamed back putting on my training shoes running down the stairs. After an hour and 30 minutes into training my thoughts was filled with Shay; her eyes, her hair, just her period. I would try and make it go away but it wouldn't work it would return a few minutes later. I was relieved when my dad the current Alpha said training was over with. After I packed up I was about to leave until he called me over.

"Alexis come here."

"Yes sir." I said, knowing what he was going to ask me.

"What's on your mind?" There it goes the question I wanted to avoid.

"Nothing; why would you think that?" I said, lying to him.

"Stop lying to me, you were sloppy and distracted at training today."

"Not--"I was going to say nothing till he cut me off.

"Look I know you're lying but I'm going to drop it seeing as in you don't wait to talk about it" hearing that I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding "but remember I am your dad and am always here if you want to talk." With that he dropped it and walked away.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That night at dinner things where awkward and I knew something was up when I dad told everyone to meet him in his chambers after dinner. When dinner ended everyone went to his chambers as he requested earlier.

"I have some new to tell you all." Was all he said when we entered; everyone, nodded and stood there ready to? "There was a fire at metro city high school and it's badly damaged so the other pack of mutts will be attending your school." When I heard that my face quickly turned blank. Oh, how I thought I was free from here hypnotizing eyes and snowy white hair, but now she would be going to my school. Gosh, this has TROUBLE written all over it. "Now you guys don't have to socialize with them unless it need, matter of fact don't socialize with them unless it's absolutely necessary!" he said this with anger in his voice and it dragged me out my thoughts. "Yes sir" the whole pack said in sync. "Okay now you all lay down for school tomorrow I want you all to be alert, you dismissed." After that we all took off to our rooms. When I got to my room I plopped in my bed and slowly dozed off in a bad mood.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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