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One Direction Sexy OneShots! :)

enjoy :)

Hot Harry Styles imagine!! 

 You were on tour with none other than the hottest boy band out there, One Direction. Since you were their opening act, management put strict off limits rules on all of the boys, which seemed totally unfair to you, as they were all so hot. 

It was late one night, after a particularly long show, and you were about to make your way to your dressing room to relax, when you feel a hand grab your wrist, and pull you into a dimly lit room. 

You let out a startled squeal, when a strong firm hand clamps down on your mouth. "Shh, it's just me, love." You recognized it as Harry's voice. 

"Harry, what are we doing here?" You ask, your breathing quickening because you can feel him pushing up against you, his breathing coming out in jagged breaths as well. 

"Well (Y/N), I've gotta tell you something. I really like you, and this was the only way I could get you alone to tell you." He says, his voice coming out husky, which makes the warm feeling in your stomach spread throughout your body. 

"Harry, I really like you too babe." You whisper, brushing your lips teasingly over his. 

Harry lets out a lust filled moan, as he brings his soft perfectly shaped lips onto yours softly. His lips feel so soft as he continues to kiss you passionately. His warm, large hands go down to your waist, moving back and forth around you, slowly massaging your waist area.  Your hands tangle in his curly hair, both your breaths turning erratic, as your moans fill the air. 

Your both trying your hardest to stay quiet, because you know if your caught, that would be the end of you two. Harry nips at your bottom lip, swiping his tongue along it, asking for entrance. You let him in, and your tongues start weaving together in an erotic dance that has you panting for more. 

You pull away from Harry, needing to catch your breath, but his lips don't leave your skin. Instead, he moves down to kiss your neck, leaving a trail of warm kisses down the side of your neck, and below your ear. You can feel just how excited Harry is, his hard bulge pressing against your leg, and you feel a surge of lust go through you. 

You slowly walk backward, Harry never breaking his kiss, and you both fall together on the couch at the end of Harry's dressing room. Your now straddling Harry's thigh, when you feel his hands slowly making their way down you back, and around your ass. 

You slowly start to grind against him, making both of you moan quietly. You slowly pull up Harry's shirt, exposing his perfectly chiseled chest and abs. You can't take your eyes off his body, and he notices your intense staring. He brings your head up, forcing you to look into his green eyes, giving you a cocky smirk. You laugh a little, and he surprises you by lifting you up, and laying you down on the couch. 

He lifts your shirt off, and his hands trace up and down your body, driving you crazy. 

"Please Harry, no more teasing, I can't take it babe." You say, your need for him becoming overwhelming. 

"Mmm (Y/N), Your driving me crazy too babe." Harry moans, kissing down your body, slowly slipping both your pants and underwear down. 

He looks up at you, and slowly sticks two fingers into you, never breaking eye contact. 

Your breathing starts getting heavier, as you move your body in time with his pumping. Harry leans down, and licks slow circles around your clit, making you moan louder, bringing you closer to your pleasurable end. 

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Dirty One Direction One Shots

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