My Mate's the Jerk Next Door? NO!


“I think I’m dying,” I yell at the sky. Okay, I’m not really dying, but it feels like it. I’m sprawled on my front porch, trying to cool down from the heat wave. It’s not working of course. “Honey, you are not dying, now go give Bets this plate of cookies and fudge brownies.” My Mom, Sin, says.

I’m Eva Is Hot, I know weird name right? And I’m definitely not hot, but I have become a lot prettier than last summer, and I got boobs! Yeah, my dream comes true! I have hazel eyes with a slight hint of green, light brown hair, and as all the guys would say ‘a smoking body. You also have to know I’m that invisible girl, nobody notices, always stuffing my nose in a book. But, this year’s going to be different.

So Bets is my next door neighbour and my Mom’s best friend since high school. She has a son my age named Chase Collens, and her husband Mr. Collens. Chase never pays attention to me because I’m well… me. Oh, And I don’t know maybe there’s something to do with the fact that he’s the hottest guy at school, and all the girls are always eye raping him. He has soft fluffy dark brown hair, piercing bright blue eyes, and he’s made of pure muscle. Yeah, like I would ever talk to him.

“Sure, Mom, I’ll make sure they get there nice and safe.” With maybe a brownie or two missing I thought as a smirk lightened up my face. Mwahaha, yes they will be mine! I grab the plate from her hand and walk over to our rich neighbour’s house.

I ring the doorbell to their huge mansion, Bets opens the door in a rush. “Hi, Bets! Mom baked these cookies and fudge brownies for you.” I said sweetly as if I didn’t already munch on two of them delicious cookies.

“Oh! How sweet of you and your Mom. Can you please go out back and give them to the boys, I got to go!” She bolted before I could say anything. Well, I guess I’m going to give them to the boys.

Chase’s P.O.V

I was playing football with the guys, when I sniffed something delicious in the air. Strawberries? Oh, god it smelled so good, what the hell is my mom cooking? Well whatever she’s cooking, I am so eating that strawberry smelling dish. Hmmm, and I also smell fudge brownies and cookies, nothing compared to the fragrance of the walking strawberry. Mate my wolf growls at me. What the hell, my mates a fruit? I think you’ve lost it man, I tell my wolf. Yes, I am a werewolf and an alpha at that. My wolf is named Carlos, and he’s a great wolf. Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I think Carlos loses it. And I have a feeling that this is one of his crazy moments. There is no way that my mate is a walking strawberry.

As I was lost in thought, I didn’t notice a beautiful girl walking into my backyard. She’s the walking strawberry, I told my wolf. No duh, Carlos says helpfully. Not. I noticed that my beautiful mate was making her way towards me.

“Umm, hi, my Mom baked these for you and your family.” She says, handing me the plate of fudge brownies and cookies. The rest of the guys were now surrounding her. I could tell it was kind of freaking her out a little bit. “Hey, guys give her a little bit of a space.” I tell my friends. I could already tell that some of the guys were eyeing her. And that did not settle well with me. “Thanks,” I said. “I don’t think I know you, what’s your name pretty lady?”

She gave him an unbelieving stare. What did I do wrong? “Of course you don’t,” I hear her mumble. I wasn’t supposed to hear to hear her, but with my super werewolf abilities, I heard her loud and clear. “I’m your next door neighbour, Sin’s daughter.” I stare at her. How can that be? Last time I checked she had extra-large glasses, plain brown hair, she was shorter, and didn’t have boobs.

“Hey, hey can you stop checking me out?” She grinned. “Sorry can’t help it, you’re just so hot,” I say ginning back at her. I like this girl. Who am I kidding? I love this girl. She has character; she doesn’t take anyone’s shit. She’ll make a great Luna when we mate, and have little pups running around. I can’t wait till we mate; I get to have that little body to myself. Rubbing my hands all over her body, licking, nipping and sucking. Uh, I’m so turned on right now! I can feel my mini me hardening painfully.

“Dude, are you having a little fantasy I see?” I heard my friend, Sexly, said glancing at my boner. Yup, his names Sexly, and he damn right earned his name. You should see how many girls that guy can get through in a week; I’m surprised he doesn’t have a STD yet.

Everyone started laughing, seeing my tight pants. I just stood there embarrassed.

“Aww, don’t worry too much,” she says. “I kinda have that effect on guys.” I looked around to see that my buddies also had boners. Uh, this is not good!




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