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One Direction Short Story Collection


Hello lovelies!

SO, this is my first One Direction "one-shot" I've published here on Wattpad. I have a bunch of other one's I'm going to put up as well. All about different boys.

I'm not sure if I want to do requests yet, but if I decide to I'll let you know. :)

Well, for all you Zayn lovers out there, this one's for you! Hope you enjoy! Oh, and if you find any gramatical errors or something that doesn't make sense, comment and let me know and i'll fix it. :D

Much Love,
Sarah <3

P.S. This is a stretch for me. I've never written anything lovey-dovey towards Zayn, but I totally have a sweet spot for the boy. :3

P.S.S. BTW, here's a sexy, bad-ass picture of Zayn. ->
I hope you like it. ;) 


It’s not everyday you meet someone as beautiful as him.

And luckily, I have the privilege of seeing him as much as I do. But of course if it was up to me, I’d see him even more often.

He says he wants to see me too but I don’t believe its as genuine as my feelings of course. Ever since his life changed and I moved from Bradford, things have certainly been different. We aren’t the same children playing in our backyards that we used to be.

So as of right now I’m sitting at home, alone, in my room, lights out, watching a movie, wishing he was here.

Sometimes I just lay on my couch and the TV is on but I’m not listening to it. My mind is going off in all sorts of directions. Part of it is thinking about people, part of it is wondering about life, and the other parts are usually playing music.

Right now some random chick flick is on but I’m not paying attention. I’m thinking about him. I’m arguing with myself on if I should text him or not.

‘You know what always happens, he never answers anyways.’

That was true but the other half of me wanted to deny it.

‘But what if this time, he actually answers?’

I gave in and grabbed my phone from my side.


I clicked send and the message sent. I actually looked back at the TV and then my phone vibrated next to me. In the blink of an eye I was looking at the screen.


I smiled. Who knew a hello could make a girl so happy?

wow u actually answered! :D

The smile stayed on my face as I held the phone in my hand.

A few seconds later it vibrated again.

ha sorry im always busy :/

Yeah, that I was aware of.

oh its fine u signed up 4 that ya knw

Studio time, concerts every night, awards shows, interviews, photo-shoots, hanging with the boys, that was the daily life of Zayn Malik. I’m surprised he even had time to breathe.

yeah i knw sometimes i regret it tho

I frowned, you’re not supposed to regret following your heart.

dont say that Z u followed ur heart do not regret that >.<

I decided to turn the TV off. I wasn’t watching it. I got out my iPod instead and turned on my music as I went over to lay down on my bed.

i guess u have a point haha :)

I smiled and Chasing Pavements by Adele began to play. It was weird because my iPod was on shuffle and it went to a song that just happened to describe my situation perfectly.

dont i always? haha jk

I sighed and looked up at my ceiling. I have those glow in the dark stars covering my entire ceiling. Of course they aren’t as good as the real thing but I tried.

I miss you Rosie.

I was surprised at this. Why would he miss me? He has his fame, there was a rumor he has a girlfriend, and his best friends are with him all the time.

o.O why?

I listened to the music coming through my headphones and looked at my cell when it vibrated again.

haha why not?

I rolled my eyes. I hated when a person answered with an answer that wasn’t really an answer. It’s like, ‘Be more specific!’

*facepalm* im serious answer the question

I anxiously awaited his answer as another song came on.

-sigh- honestly i dont know i kinda just miss seeing ur face :/

I could feel my face flush. Someone actually just missed seeing me. No one had ever told me that before.

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