SIDEBAR MUSIC:  Alien by Cary Brothers



"Are you ready?" I whispered nervously at Owen, straightening myself out. Any minute now, we're about to enter the guillotine. We've been staring at the front door for about a few minutes now. He just grins at me. This was one of the things I liked About Owen, he doesn't worry too much. The guy plays it cool and I don’t know… he just exudes that devil-may-care attitude. That was something I was really attracted to.

"Of course, I'm ready." he said a little bashfully.

"Are you scared?"

His brows knit together as he looks down at me. "Scared? Fuck no. Listen, I'm not scared of anything, Klara. And most of all, I'm not scared of your parents." He twists his neck and I could hear his muscles snap.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment. My heart was just racing hard every second. What if my parents found out about me and Owen? What's going to happen next? Where will that lead us? So many questions were popping out of my head right now.

"Okay," I took a deep breath and got my key out. "Here goes nothing." I slowly opened the door. We slipped in quietly closing the door behind us; I can hear some noises coming from the kitchen.

"Mom? Dad?" mom immediately came out of the kitchen first, but she stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she saw Owen.

"What's he doing here?" her voice was cold as ice. Not for long, my dad was now standing beside mom.

"I, uh... There's a reason why he's here, mom. I..."

"I accidentally backed up into Klara's car," Owen quickly said. My eyes widened. I can't believe he took the blame. "I didn't mean to, it was an accident."

Silence filled the room. Any minute now, mom and dad would transform into large fire breathing dragons and they'll char Owen to his death. Wait, I don't think that'll happen at all, but you get the idea.

I shuddered at the thought.

"I was parking my car in front of this diner downtown and I accidentally backed up into her car. I'm sorry. I promise I'll pay for it."

I was still waiting for my parents to make their move. But it seems like nothing is being done at the moment. They just stood there, probably thinking a way to separate us for eternity. I can already see myself all packed up and ready to leave for London so I can stay with my grandmother until I graduate college. I can picture the scene of me saying my goodbyes to Owen and we'll be sharing our last kiss until my boarding time.

That is so not happening.

"Thank you." I heard my mom say.

Those two words made me snap back to reality. Seriously, did I just hear my mom say thank you? I glanced over at Owen, bug eyed. He still looked calm and collected as ever. Wondering how he does it is beyond me.

After Owen gives his insurance policy number to my dad, my mom calls him right before he exits the door.

"Owen, we need to talk." she said sternly. Oh my goodness, now she wants to talk to Owen. Why does she need to have a talk with him? Knowing my mom, she's great at squeezing the truth out of you. Except for me, since I always avoid her whenever I’m home. I just hope Owen doesn't spill or else we're both gonna be goners.

Dad was leaning on the L shaped black leather sofa with his arms crossed, looking pretty upset. I walked over to give him a hug just to get some of the tension out of the way. He kisses my forehead in response. At least that was a good sign.